Bathroom Trends and Flooring Styles that will Impress

The bathroom is a place for personal hygiene, but it can also be a place where you escape from the rest of the world! From family bathrooms to private en suites, we have put together a list of some popular trends that offer both style and practicality for every home.

Create a home spa break

Who doesn’t love a good spa break? Recreating this theme at home is something that many people desire, and it’s completely doable! You may not be able to have your own live-in masseur, but there are ways you can design your bathroom to bring you that spa feel.

To create this spa retreat experience, introduce natural materials into your bathroom. Pebble or stone flooring are two flooring options that will certainly help create this environment. This warm grey stone from Luvanto offers a beautiful tone that adds comfort to the rest of the room. Accessorise with leafy plants, fluffy towels and bamboo features for added luxury.

Contemporary monochrome

Many contemporary monochrome designs bring in soft greys as opposed to a traditional black and white scheme. Combining greys with metallic touches such as copper or brass can create a relaxing, yet sophisticated theme. Welcome slate, marble or limestone flooring to provide a warm yet realistic underfoot. Luvanto’s silver slate is perfect for adding depth and compliments lighter features. You could also consider a brick laid tile with a border or consider a fishtail pattern.

Period features

If you happen to live in a period property, historic bathrooms offer a lot, even for the modern family. Consider your high ceilings, add opulence with feature panelling and large windows. This is a wonderful way to bring sophistication to your bathroom. Complement this with traditional wooden flooring to complete your period bathroom. Or, use luxury vinyl to replicate floorboards. The warm tones and endless pattern options can add a lot of character.


Make a statement in your bathroom with bold geometric patterns. Repeating patterns such as honeycomb would look wonderful on either the walls or floor. Opt for bright colours to keep the room refreshing and vibrant or keep things soft with simple shades such as greys. Have a play with colours and patterns to see what you think would work for the style you’re after.

Seamless flow

Choosing a single flooring style in your bathroom will allow space to not only look bigger but to add a seamless flow throughout. This is particularly great for en suites as they provide a smooth transition as you move through doorways. Check out Luvanto’s beautiful range of woods for creating this effortless flow!

What bathroom flooring works for you?

Now you have an idea of the kind of trends that are proving to be popular, it’s time to think about which styles work for you. At Floorbay, we offer an excellent variety of materials that can work with any room in any home. The Luvanto range offers a versatile selection that can work with any bathroom. We are more than happy to discuss these options.

We are usually asked which of our products are best suited for bathrooms. Any that are splash proof, slip-resistant and warm underfoot would be the best choice. Of course, with such a large list of products to choose from, you may not know where to start. Luckily, we are always here to listen to any questions you may have and assist with helping narrow down the best products for your budget. Get in touch to find out more.