can you repair vinyl flooring

Repairing Vinyl Flooring

Can you repair vinyl flooring? Although it may seem like a strange question when luxury vinyl flooring such as Invictus is easy to maintain and a long-lasting flooring option, damage can still happen in certain instances.

As vinyl is highly water-resistant, easy to clean and don’t attract stubborn stains or scratches to a higher degree, damage can happen on occasion from the odd instance. The good news is that it is easily repairable and cheap to do so.

Damage Assessment

Depending on the kind of damage you are facing, the repair of the flooring can be either simple or more complex.

Small scratches on the design layer and cuts can be easily fixed with a specialist recommended brand product or a seam liquid sealer that is approved by the supplier. This will require the area that is damaged to be cleaned before applying the recommended solution. Once applied and dried, the repaired part will be invisible to the human eye and your floor will once again look as it should.

If your flooring has suffered more severe damage such as burns, the affected areas will require some extra work, starting with cutting the area entirely and replacing them with new sections. There will be tools that you will need to successfully do the work.


Cut the damaged vinyl piece and use that to measure out the new piece that it will be replaced with. They will both need to be the same size. Use a T-Square to get accurate measurements.

When cutting both pieces, be sure that you are following the pattern lines on the vinyl as these repairs have to be invisible. Fit the dry replacement patch where the damaged piece was and use a putty knife to trim where necessary, being sure the patch sits appropriately and fits the rest of the floor.


Adhesive can either be too much or too little, so depending on the size of the damaged replacement it is always best to ask your supplier about the correct amount to use.

Applying the adhesive should be done via a putty knife and spread evenly on the floor for you to put the new patch on top of. After the adhesive you have put down dries, use the sealer on the seam to blend the patched part with the rest of the floor.

Can you repair vinyl flooring? Vinyl flooring is the most versatile option for the home with fabulous long-term benefits, so when you discover damage there is no need to panic and think the worst. Repair is simple and easier than it sounds.

As something that can be done by yourself without a professional repair, your repairs will not be noticeable on your floor or bank account. Contact the team at Floorbay today for the best future with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.