Dining Room Flooring

Dining Room Flooring: The Ideal Choice

Even though many people choose to incorporate an extension between the kitchen and dining area to create one operational space, the dining room is still considered one of the most popular areas for family and friends to eat at a dining table The majority of households like the idea of having a room separated from other rooms. To help distinguish it separate from others, they will choose a dining room flooring that gives warmth and welcoming vibes. The floor also requires durability to withstand heavy foot traffic and heavy furniture.

If you have a dining room where you like to host events, it is vital that your flooring is perfect.

Thinking of the Space

How do you ideally envision your dining room space to be? Many people classify it as a room simply for special occasions or extended rooms whenever an occasion is celebrated – such as an added space for food placement at parties.

Other people use the dining room area just as much as the living room and kitchen, sometimes doubling it  as a working space whilst running a business at home. How often the room is utilised will impact your decision for flooring in that space. You may require something hard-wearing and stylish if you use the room daily.

One of the most recognised materials to fit your flooring is luxury vinyl flooring.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

A luxury vinyl tile (also known as luxury vinyl flooring) is a popular flooring product unbeatable for dining spaces. There are many brands and products under the vinyl umbrella suitable for your tastes and needs.

Product lines such as Karndean Click vinyl flooring and Quick-Step luxury vinyl not only look beautiful – they provide reinforced scratch and stain resistance so that their lifespan is maximised. Many homes choose ranges such as Invictus or Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring because they are a 100% waterproof product, ideal choices for bathrooms and kitchens alike.

If your dining area will see a lot of food transported through and family and friend gatherings, luxury vinyl flooring is a no-brainer.

Tile Effect

Tile effect vinyl flooring is available in many different colours and textures and has strong durability. If you have children who like to sit and play on your dining room floor or pets that sleep while you work, the natural underfoot comfort and coolness in vinyl keep them satisfied.

Vinyl flooring – such as Polyflor – can also cover underfloor heating systems without any risk of warping or rising due to increased temperature. It truly is a choice that caters to every need.

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