Find out how to install glue down luxury vinyl plank flooring with this handy guide from Floorbay. We sell quality vinyl flooring at discount prices...

How to Install Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

If you are the type of person who fancies themselves as the DIY King or Queen of your castle, then no doubt you revert to the domain of Google to help when it comes to how to install glue down luxury vinyl plank flooring you have chosen.

You want to save a penny but not take a pounding on your vinyl flooring installation, especially on your patience if you take a step wrong. With that in mind, your friends at Floorbay are here to help via this guide or by talking with our team if you have any questions.

Preps Before Steps

Before we start the fun stuff we need to make sure we are playing on an even playing field, and that means preparing your subfloor.

You have either pulled up carpet or old flooring or may even be layering your vinyl over an existing floor, but either way, you are going to need to ensure that the floor it’s being layered over is clean, level and dry. You don’t want these things to come back and haunt you later, so take the time to ensure it fills all the criteria the first time; Level – Clean – Dry.

This involves making sure that any substance such as waxes, grease, dirt or chemicals are not present. If these are left on the subfloor then it could affect the bond. Once all the dust and debris is gone, be sure that any holes in the subfloor are patched.

Break Out the Vinyl

By now your subfloor should be in order and ready to layer. No matter which vinyl flooring product you have purchased from the lowest price Amtico flooring to Invictus, it all needs to toe the following flooring installation guidelines.

It is important that before you start laying out planks, you check for any defects in the product. It is also recommended to open and work from multiple boxes to reduce any pattern repeat and create a more natural balance to the floor.

Starting Line

Here is where you would draw a guideline on the starting wall.

From there you will measure two ft out and mark on one side, repeating the mark and measure on the opposite side. From here you can connect two points using a chalk line and be able to trace over them via the use of a pencil or a marker.

From this point, you can open the adhesive (be sure to get the recommended adhesive from your supplier) and start to spread the coat evenly. You can apply the right amount of adhesive to secure the bond by holding the trowel at an angle of around 45 degrees.

Once the adhesive is dry you can begin installing vinyl planks along with your guideline. As you are doing it, be sure to measure each plank, mark the cuts and score using a utility knife to be able to snap it in half. As the vinyl planks are being laid, be sure that they are tightly together.

Once all laid, roll the planks with the use of a roller to make them secure. After this is successfully done, give the floors a quick wipe down and leave to set for up to 48 hours without heavy foot traffic.

For more information on how to install glue down luxury vinyl plank flooring such as Quick Step luxury vinyl, contact the team at Floorbay.