polyflor vinyl flooring

What Makes Polyflor Different?

We all love luxury vinyl flooring and the wealth of brands that are on the market each provides their stamp of customer approval. Today, it is harder and harder to know which brand to turn to with so many quality providers in stores and on the internet. One of the most prominent and satisfactory products to consider is polyflor vinyl flooring.

The Closer Inspection

One of the main focuses of polyflor is to provide the best level of slip-resistance within luxury vinyl flooring – something much more resistant than other flooring styles such as laminate.

Polyflor has a unique configuration and added levels of mechanical adhesion to provide a more re-inforced surface. If you are concerned about the elderly or your young children within your household slipping and injuring themselves, then Polyflor is the best product to ease your concern and make your home safe.

Wider Choices

It is impossible to deny the many levels of functionality associated with Polyflor vinyl flooring, but we also need to discuss the aesthetics involved in its success.

Polyflor holds a wider variety of finishes and patterns that can fill any intended appetite for your home. If you look to create a unique vision for your home, you are not short-changed with this brand. Polyflor has unique ranges such as EnCore, Expona and Camaro to add a sense of individuality to your home. Each has its appealing features and patterns, and they can be placed in any room and not look out of place.


This exceptional safety level flooring option has been meticulously designed to be installed in a variety of locations commercially.

Polyflor is particularly popular in such high activity areas as hospitals, washrooms, cafeterias and children’s play areas. Its tough durability and ease in installation have both been made with a long lifespan in mind. This makes for a product that is perfectly applicable to home use in bathrooms, kitchens and living areas where activity is high, or in children’s bedrooms where things get a bit heavy in play.

With the wide array of ranges available, chances are much higher in Polyflor being the best option within the vinyl flooring market for your home – and finding the exact design you are looking for within it.

When safety within the home is a concern for your flooring requirements, Polyflor is the flooring that tops the list of considerations. Contact the team at Floorbay today to explore the many different luxury vinyl flooring opportunities with polyflor vinyl flooring.