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Does Vinyl Flooring Support Underfloor Heating?

When looking at flooring to go over an underfloor heating installation, it is worth noting that luxury vinyl flooring works particularly well with these systems – to the point where they are the preferred choice.

Whilst people may suggest items such as ceramic tiles or engineered hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl flooring can achieve the same look and containment of warmth at a much more affordable and durable capacity.

Vinyl is manufactured from a resin combined with plasticizers and stabilizers to create a seamless, hardwearing floor finish suitable for use with any underfloor heating system.


Luxury vinyl flooring brands – such as Invictus, Polyflor and Karndean click vinyl flooring – have a wider range of benefits that make them the most suitable option to cover underfloor heating – as well as a great choice for the home in the design.

Vinyl tiles and planks are often selected as an affordable alternative to all other kinds of flooring types, which is one of the best benefits to your home budget. With so much in the way of choice between different brands, you don’t find yourself having to compromise on quality. Every brand is manufactured to be of high quality, durable and stylish in mimicking natural products such as wood or stone.

As vinyl is more hardwearing than other flooring types, it is ideal for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom and can be wiped clean after sustaining impact.

With Underfloor Heating

The nature of vinyl flooring tiles and planks makes them ideal for underfloor heating, as the heat can permeate the floor more easily to heat the room.

It is advised to always check the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to maximum floor surface temperature as you need assurance that the covering is suitable for the specific heat requirements. Most manufacturers state 27oC as the most adequate for most situations. For any sensitive flooring coverings with a high heat system output, floor temperature sensors should be fitted to limit the heat output from the floor.

Whilst most luxury vinyl flooring brands are suitable for underfloor heating covering, you need to check the maximum floor surface temperature stated by the manufacturer. If it is 27oC or more, it should be suitable.

It is important when installing vinyl flooring over an underfloor heating system that you take into consideration the adhesive used. It needs to be sufficient to sustain the working temperatures of the system. If it cannot sustain it, it may become unstuck, begin to bubble or curl upwards at the edges.

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