underfloor heating system

Flooring for Underfloor Heating

An underfloor heating system has been an implementation ever since the Romans used them for their bathhouses, meaning that it is not something that has sprung up over the last ten years.

With the environmentally friendly drive for homes in 2022 and beyond, it is a smart choice to have it installed in your house.


The good news is that an underfloor heating system require less energy to run to keep your home warmer than your radiators do. This does great to reduce those pricy energy bills and rising grid power costs year on year.

It also helps that underfloor heating systems require no maintenance to keep running smoothly and efficiently. The warmup controls ensure that your heating runs in the most profitable way possible so you can decide the hours it operates to structure your savings.

Compatible with Vinyl Flooring

To greater benefit underfloor heating systems, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is considered the best option due to its natural partnership with the systems in containing warmth and providing natural underfoot comfort.

Manufactured from material able to withstand rises in temperature, vinyl planks and tiles do not come unglued or rise with heat changes day-to-day. Underfloor heating is not compatible with real hardwood, so finding a replicated substitute that is perfectly placed to benefit from the operation of the system comes in the form of vinyl like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

This means that your flooring not only looks great but can withstand the heat changes and not start to warp or discolour as real wood is known to do. Although it may be disappointing to hear that your choice of real hardwood is not compatible, it is a relief that luxury vinyl flooring comes in so many different variations that you will find exactly the design and tone you want for a much more cost-effective price.

Safety and Comfort

Underfloor heating systems under a luxury vinyl floor is an investment in safety. Thanks to vinyl flooring having a 100% waterproof design, your heating system will be completely safe from any water spills or moisture over the flooring.

With a protected subfloor, vinyl flooring can contain warmth and not be compromised by many other threats that regular flooring could pose. With radiators, you face objects in the house that can get hot or leak, which can pose threat to your carpet or real hardwood floor.

With underfloor heating covered by luxury vinyl flooring, you have two safe products, both designed to have less maintenance over a longer lifespan and both environmentally acceptable and cost-effective.

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