Vinyl Flooring and its Suitable Areas

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in many shapes, designs and brands – such as Quick-Step vinyl flooring and Karndean Click vinyl flooring – perfect for anywhere and everywhere within the home or workplace.

Whilst many people think that vinyl is better suited to certain parts of the home, it is suitable for more areas than you would initially think. Floorbay has an extensive range of the best brands that can be introduced to multiple areas of your property.


The first room everyone thinks of is the kitchen area, where vinyl flooring not only provides full water and slip resistance, but protection against the many spills and stains that come from cooking and preparing foods and drinks.

Able to be cleaned within seconds via a cloth or mop certainly takes the extensive cleaning schedule down considerably, as well as the costs involved in purchasing expensive cleaning agents.

Lounges and dining rooms are also prime areas for LVT, where thick cushioned vinyl provides warmth and a softer touch over the traditional hardwood flooring. Wood-styled vinyl products adorn the lounges and dining rooms all over the UK, perfectly combating any spills that might occur.

Hallways also are high footfall areas that see traffic coming in and out more than anywhere else. In a country where the weather is constantly in a flux of change throughout the day, the requirement for water-resistant flooring that keeps stains from muddy feet at bay and can hold the rainwater from dripping clothes is a must-have.


Now for the part where people think vinyl may not be useful – upstairs rooms. Not surprisingly, LVT is perfect for the upstairs rooms as they are a great insulator for heat and sound.

Bathrooms would be the first area to consider. LVT is the flooring that is highest in water resistance and slip-resistance which is all the protection the rest of your house needs from this high-water room. The various colours and vinyl patterns are suitable to mix in that first room you see when you wake up every morning and provide natural comfort underfoot also.

Bedrooms are also a highly suitable area for luxury vinyl flooring, including your children’s rooms where accidents are always destined to happen. Did you know that the carpet in children’s bedrooms gets changed three times against the lifespan of a living room carpet?

Having a flooring solution that is highly durable and securely fitted helps to keep all that potential damage away from your floor’s longevity, meaning that quick cleaning keeps these rooms healthy for many years past their move-out date.

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