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Pinterest-worthy vinyl flooring trends to match any home!

It wouldn’t be surprising if all this time at home has given you the idea to give one of your rooms a much-needed makeover. You may have also noticed marks and stains on your flooring that have gone amiss due to your usual busy life. As such, now might be a good time to create a mood board of potential designs for your new room, including your flooring. This week, we shall discuss Pinterest-worthy vinyl flooring trends that can complete any room!

Pinterest-worthy vinyl flooring trends: fumed wood effect

Fumed wood would traditionally get its rich colour without any sort of staining and is instead put through a fuming process. This gives the wood a deep rich tone, enhancing the natural grain of the wood, offering a sense of luxury. However, real fumed wood can be rather costly, but you needn’t put your finances through such stress. With luxury vinyl flooring, you can achieve the same look and feel without forking out for the real thing!

Beach woods

Glossy browns are not for everyone. For some, beachy-soft flooring is ideal. Woods with sandy pale tones are perfect for brightening up a room without looking that cosy feel so many of us desire. And with luxury vinyl flooring, you can recreate this desired look at a fraction of the cost!

Distressed woods and concrete

This style has been around for quite some time but has become even more popular this year. The distressed look will give your home a lovely worn finish without making your home look too “lived in”. It is the perfect choice for those looking to create a beautiful rustic look in their home.

If wood flooring isn’t your thing, distressed concrete vinyl tiles can give your home a fantastic industrial vibe!


We are all too familiar with your basic laid out wooden planks. But did you know that you can add texture to your flooring with laid patterns? This year we are seeing the return of Chevron and herringbone vinyl flooring designs, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. This is certainly a wonderful way to add a quirk to your home!

Vintage black and white

This year, we have seen an impressive return on black and white tiles. This bold, contrasting design is sure to bring the “pop” factor to any kitchen! From large vintage diner inspired tiles to smaller tiles used as a border around the room, there is plenty to play with when it comes to vintage black and white tiles.

Reclaimed wood

Fancy something a bit more rustic? Why not choose a reclaimed wood effect? If you’re looking to create a beautiful barn-inspired home, reclaimed wood flooring will provide you with that cosy farm life feeling!


As you can see, there are so many styles that can complete any home. And with luxury vinyl flooring, you can get the style and textures you desire without having to pay a fortune!

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