Discover luxury Karndean flooring

Karndean Flooring is one of the best quality and best-known brands of luxury vinyl tiles, here you can learn more about them and their range of products.


Karndean was established by a small family business in 1973. Even though it has expanded into a larger corporation and continues to grow, Karndean is full of passionate experts willing to help you with any enquiries you have. They have continued to expand as one of the most well-known luxury flooring product companies.

As Karndean remains family-owned, it retains its authenticity and original quality; additionally, it persists in a positive attitude and appreciation towards its loyal customers. This positive attitude encourages Karndean to thrive in imagination and improvement so it can deliver the best products for its audience.

As a result, Karndean is able to offer high-quality vinyl flooring that, at the same time, can still be stylish and elegant for any floor and any taste. All of our products strive to be the best quality possible, including resistant and beautiful and remain available in a large selection of colours, and textures.

There are many indicators as to what fabricates quality vinyl flooring, however, one of the key indicators is the ‘wear layer’; the wear layer is a protective layer of polyurethane that is applied atop of the flooring to prevent scratches, damage and wear.

Even though Karndean is generally inexpensive compared to other floorings, i.e. Amtico for example, its wear layer is commonly 0.55mm which is equally as thick as the Amtico Spacia range.

Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot rely on price alone to determine the quality of the flooring you choose; as a result, when considering more than just the price, the flooring you choose could turn out to be as good as well-known brands and save you a substantial sum of money.

Karndean Van Gogh

Available in a diverse range of shades and sizes, Karndean Van Gogh vinyl flooring offers a variety of wood planking vinyl tiles, such as French oak and Country oak.

Coming to an overall thickness of 3mm, with a 0.55mm wear layer, the Van Gogh is a medium-thickness tile which comes in a substantially larger wood planking format at 1219mm x 178mm. The Van Gogh range gives you a comprehensive collection of hardwood finishes, which can be applied to any interior scheme.

Additionally, they are all completely waterproof and washable, which makes them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and shower rooms. Each one of the Van Gogh oak tiles has characteristics of an oak refinement with a vintage finish, perfect for the conception of an outstanding purity, for rooms like your kitchen.

Karndean’s Van Gogh Classic Oak

Karndean’s Van Gogh Aukland Oak

Karndean’s Van Gogh Distressed Oak

Karndean’s Van Gogh French Oak

Other Van Gogh lighter (but not so white) shades include French Oak and Birch and slightly darker-toned Classic Oak and Frosted Birch complement a neutral environment such as an office. They blend beautifully with muted colours and metals.

Wood creates a calm and comforting atmosphere, as the tone becomes richer and darker, it begins to increase how comforting it is. Robust, seasoned shades such as Smoked Oak and Vintage pine compliment any bedroom, study or living room; however, our very dark wood finishes such as Ebony or Brushed Oak can create a stylish contrast for brighter colours.

Karndean Vinyl Flooring receives its inspiration from worldwide, the Van Gogh range is inspired by various woods from the southern hemisphere, focusing on Australia and New Zealand.

From a beautiful yellow-toned Auckland Oak to a Reclaimed Maple and Antique Karri, we have many styles to suit any environment for you. These mid-coloured wood finishes offer a large variety of fixtures in contrasting wood tones, or ceramics in white and soft furnishing yet express the appearance that they are light and clean. As this selection is waterproof and easy to clean it would be ideal for a bathroom.

Along with what we have already listed, the Van Gogh range offers a stretch of unusual finishes. For example, dark Aged Kauri (a native New Zealand tree named by the Maori), has a combination of colours ranging from darkened wood to almost charred which appears very striking in large atmospheres and rooms.

With the exotic Burnt Ginger a similar look can be created, carrying the same traits of a variable colour range that suggests charring that can look wonderful in larger areas.