Discover Quick-Step Livyn Flooring

Livyn produce a range of the best quality luxury vinyl tiles that you can buy, and you can get it from Floorbay from just £22.99 per square meter.

The Quick Step flooring from Livyn is available in essentially 2 ranges – their innovative and easy to lay click system, or in traditional glue down floor tile.

The click systems are available in:

Quick Step Livyn Ambient Click

Quick Step Livyn Balance Click

Quick Step Livyn Pulse Click

The glue down ranges are:

Quick Step Livyn Ambient Glue Plus

Quick Step Livyn Balance Glue Plus

Quick Step Livyn Pulse Glue Plus

Basically you can find the same patterns in each click range replicated in the glue range, and vice versa.

The Perfect Flooring, Whatever Your Taste

Whether you prefer the look of natural stone, or a wood based design like a warm oak or walnut pattern, or the fresh clean look of whitewashed timber, whatever you prefer there’s a pattern and design from Livyn to match your taste and decor.

To achieve the perfect finishing touch you can even pick matching skirting boards to complement your floor’s look.

Top Quality Luxury Vinyl Livyn Floors Give You Years of Satisfaction

The Livyn luxury vinyl floor guarantee gives you at least 20 years of warranty. This is possible because of the quality and dedication that is put into making every single floor tile (out of the millions we make each year).

Giving a guarantee on a vinyl floor like this isn’t easy, but in the Quick-Step research centre detailed technical tests are conducted to make sure the floors comply with the most stringent quality requirements. Only if they pass all of these tests with flying colours do they end up in your home.

On top of that a Livyn floor is incredibly quiet, and exceptionally comfortable, this is because the materials used are carefully chosen and manufactured for everyday use.

On top of reducing sounds and footsteps, a Quick Step Livyn floor gives you a comfortable touch and feel, even on those freezing winter mornings.

This makes Livyn the perfect flooring choice for any room.

Quick-Step floors are extremely versatile, which means they can be used anywhere in the house, even in the wettest and dirtiest of environments.

Using Quick Step Livyn in Your Bathroom

The warm soft feel, and waterproof nature of Livyn floors make them ideal for your bathroom or wet room, making it possible for you to have a wood or natural stone look yet with all of the benefits that luxury vinyl floors give you.

Bathroom-proof flooring

Because Livyn luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof it lets you enjoy bathing without worrying about your floor, especially when you consider our Quick-Step Scratch-Guard protective technology that makes Livyn floors up to 10 times more scratch resistant.

As you can imagine, the dirt, sand, or grime that can build up on a busy day will end up on your bathroom floor, and with the addition of water will act like a scouring pad on “normal” vinyl floors, but it’s not something you need to worry about with Livyn thanks to their scratch guard technology.

No matter how often or hard you clean your bathroom floor, Livyn’s vinyl flooring can withstand practically anything, plus of course being super easy to clean you’ll have them spotless and as good as new in the blink of an eye.

It’s exactly the same when you use Livyn for your hallway. No matter if it’s pouring down or snowing outside, and no matter how much dirt is trailed into your hallway, your Livyn flooring will withstand it all and you can get it back to brand-new clean in a jiffy.

Using Livyn in Your Kitchen

In most homes the kitchen is the central hub of activity, and sees much more use than any other. Of course you’ll be cooking in here too so need a floor that can handle the spills and accidents, after all you don’t want to end up crying over that spilt milk – that’s just ruined your floor!

Livyn Kitchen-proof floors

Because Livyn floors are totally waterproof and have the scratch guard technology to protect them from wear and tear, they are ideal for your kitchen, plus of course being totally waterproof and easy to clean they are also incredibly hygienic, one of the main things you’ll be concerned about where you’re preparing food.

Livyn Bedroom Flooring

Livyn isn’t just ideal for your bathroom or kitchen or other high wear and tear room, it’s also perfect for your bedroom too.

Not only will you be able to get out of your nice warm bed in the middle of a long cold winter and put your feet onto a soft, warm floor, Livyn floors are also allergy-friendly, meaning that they could help you to get a deeper, longer, better night’s sleep in the first place.

Installing a Livyn Floor

Quick-Step Livyn floors are incredibly easy to install, and you even have the option of using a floating installation using their click system(without glue or other materials), or you can glue down your planks instead.

All Quick-Step vinyl is okay to use with underfloor heating and can be used to finish or renovate any staircase.

Glued-down planks

The Livyn glue plus range is easy to install, all you need is Livyn’s specially developed glue for Quick-Step Livyn floors.

Uniclic multifit flooring

The patented Uniclic Multifit for the Livyn click system means that Livyn vinyl floors can be installed rapidly using three different installation methods, including drop-down.

What makes Livyn vinyl flooring so good?

Livyn luxury vinyl flooring consists of five different layers, not only giving you a waterproof floor with added sound-reducing properties, it also gives your feet a very warm and soft surface to walk on.

Even so Livyn vinyl floors are still exceptionally thin.

Layer 1) A high-performance top layer: this protective layer with Scratch and Stain Guard technology protects your floors from dirt, stains and scratches, and makes them easy to clean and maintain. The extra matt gloss finish guarantees a natural look.

Layer 2) A fine-printed vinyl decor layer: the high-grade printing technique used for this layer gives your vinyl floor its unique and authentic appearance.

Layer 3) A strong impact-resistant vinyl core: this waterproof and sound-reducing vinyl core provides comfort and durability.

Layer 4) An extra stabilising layer: this layer contains super dense glass fibres to give the vinyl floor additional dimensional stability.

Layer 5) A highly efficient impact-resistant vinyl backing: this moisture-resistant layer guarantees a perfectly balanced floor board which prevents cupping or warping.

Life-Like designs and patterns

Livyn luxury vinyl flooring is available in an awe inspiring range of colours, patterns and designs, each having a unique, realistic and authentic look.

Because Livyn floors are exceptionally thin they are the ideal renovation flooring, especially since you can simply lay them on top of existing, level floor coverings as well.


Quick-Step Livyn floors aren’t just a comfortable to walk on, they also look amazing and perfectly replicate the solid wood or natural stone patterns that they represent – in fact you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Livyn floor and the real thing without getting down on your hands and knees to inspect them!

With the added benefits of a hard wearing, easy to clean, allergy friendly, and easy to lay floor, all at a very affordable price compared to other flooring choices – well – what are you waiting for?

Floorbay offer the full range of Livyn vinyl floors from just £22.99 per square meter, and we’re always here to help you too.

Feel free to call or email us for help, advice, or to order, or you can learn more from Livyn’s own FAQ’s here.