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French Oak Sun

French Oak Sun LVT is part of the Invictus Maximus and Invictus Maximus click range, available with two state-of-the-art installation methods: dry back (glue down) or click system. Select your options below.

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Introducing French Oak Sun, by Invictus, a name that resonates with strength and durability. Crafted to redefine the sophistication of your space, French Oak Sun embodies the perfect blend of luxury and practicality, all enclosed within the avant-garde design of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). Available in beautifully designed planks, this exquisite flooring solution brings the timeless elegance of French Oak into your home or office.

Key Features

Elegance Meets Durability – This flooring is not just about its stunning looks; encapsulated within each plank is the essence of Invictus – unmatched strength and resilience. Designed for the modern lifestyle, it withstands the daily hustle and bustle, ensuring your space looks pristine for years to come.
Luxurious Design – Each plank echoes the sophisticated charm of French Oak, renowned for its captivating patterns and hues. It’s where the artistic facets of nature meet Invictus’s cutting-edge technology, providing a flooring solution that’s as luxurious as it is realistic.
Effortless Installation – Whether you’re an experienced professional or a DIY enthusiast, French Oak Sun caters to all. With options for click or dry back installation, transforming your space is hassle-free and straightforward, allowing for a quick and clean setup without compromising on quality.
Transform Your Spaces – French Oak Sun by Invictus is not just flooring; it’s a lifestyle statement. It’s for those who seek the essence of nature within their urban environments, offering an escape to tranquillity and luxury with every step.
Long-Lasting and Sustainable – Invest in a floor that not only stands the test of time but does so with minimal environmental impact. French Oak Sun is a testament to sustainable luxury, allowing you to experience high-end living, ethically.

Why French Oak Sun?

Choosing this vinyl flooring means opting for a floor that elevates your space to the next level of luxury and durability. With its easy installation, remarkable resistance, and ethereal beauty, it’s the obvious choice for those who desire nothing but the best.

It’s a revolution in flooring, promising a fusion of artistry, resilience, and ease, making it the quintessential choice for both contemporary and traditional spaces. Elevate your interior with French Oak Sun – where every plank tells a story of sophistication and strength.

Why Invictus® Flooring?

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring offers nothing but invincible benefits. It will meet all that you expect of a great floor, delivering on all the important characteristics.

On top of these benefits, some Invictus® luxury vinyl floors have specific features. Find out more on these features on the product pages and let them guide you towards the best fitted floor for your home.

With its ultra-strong coating and highly efficient top layer, Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring offers outperforming wear protection.

The Scratchmaster® top layer will make your luxury vinyl floor withstand busy family life with kids and pets.

Invictus® Primus performs so well, that it comes with a 20-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty.

Invictus® Maximus and Maximus Click deliver an extraordinary performance and benefit from a 25-year residential and 15-year commercial warranty.


Designs so lifelike, they will have you look twice. From natural wood look to striking stone tile pattern, there’s an Invictus® luxury vinyl floor for all decorating styles.

Because it’s waterproof, Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is perfectly suited for your bathroom, kitchen and hall . And for any other room, naturally.



Caring for your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor is as easy as it gets: a damp mop will do. And for daily maintenance, the Invictus® Starter Pack contains all you need.

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is a family’s best companion. It’s hygienic, wear-, scratch- & stain-resistant, and requires little maintenance.



Invictus is the pet friendly flooring par excellence, operating as a barrier against stains and fine scratches from our furry friends.

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring and broadloom carpet are a perfect match. When great comfort meets great performance, it will transform your home.



Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring and underfloor heating go together well. With the right installing guidelines, you’ll be enjoying a warm feel underfoot in no time.

Whether on socks or in shoes, you will always walk silently on an Invictus® luxury vinyl floor. It indeed is incredibly silent underfoot.



What’s better than unwinding in the tranquility of your own home? Your Invictus® luxury vinyl floor contributes to a silent and relaxing environment.

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring products are 100% recyclable and reusable.

They can be part of vinyl flooring take-back programmes with the goal to recycle them into new flooring or other useful products such as rubber hoses, car mats and speed bumps.

Invictus® Installation Guide

When installing Invictus® Flooring using either the glue-down or click-lock method, attention to detail is paramount to ensure a flawless and enduring result.

Let’s delve deeper into each step of the installation process for both methods:




Glue-Down Installation:

  1. Preparation: Before starting the installation, thoroughly inspect the subfloor for any imperfections, such as dips or bumps, and address them accordingly. Ensure that the subfloor is clean, dry, and free from debris, grease, or adhesive residues. If necessary, use a levelling compound to create a smooth and even surface for the flooring.
  2. Acclimatisation: Invictus® Flooring planks should be allowed to acclimatise to the room’s temperature and humidity conditions for at least 48 hours before installation. Stack the flooring boxes horizontally in the room where they will be installed, maintaining proper spacing between boxes to facilitate air circulation. If possible opening both ends of each box assists the process.
  3. Layout: Carefully plan the layout of the flooring, considering the dimensions of the room, the direction of the planks or tiles, and any architectural features or obstacles. Begin installation from the longest and straightest wall in the room, working towards the opposite wall. Use a chalk line to create a straight reference line along the starting wall to guide your installation.
  4. Adhesive Application: Select a high-quality adhesive recommended by Invictus® Flooring and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Use a notched trowel to spread the adhesive evenly over the subfloor in small sections, ensuring full coverage without excess buildup. Work methodically to avoid adhesive drying out before installing the flooring.
  5. Installation: Carefully place the Invictus® Flooring planks into the adhesive, starting from the reference line and working towards the opposite wall. Press down firmly on each plank to ensure a secure bond with the adhesive. Where possible a small hand roller assists and won’t damage your flooring.
  6. Trimming: As you approach the end of each row, measure and cut the final plank to fit against the wall, leaving a gap for expansion. Use a utility knife or a vinyl cutter to make precise cuts, ensuring a snug fit. Remove any excess adhesive from the surface of the flooring with a clean cloth or adhesive remover.
  7. Finishing Touches: Once the installation is complete, allow the adhesive to cure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations before allowing foot traffic on the floor. Install matching transition strips or mouldings along the perimeter of the room to cover expansion gaps and provide a finished look ( only if required due to gaps in skirting boards etc ).

Click-Lock Installation:

  1. Preparation: Prepare the subfloor as you would for glue-down installation, ensuring it is clean, dry, and level. Remove any existing flooring materials and thoroughly clean the subfloor to ensure proper adhesion of the click-lock flooring.
  2. Acclimatisation: Allow the Invictus® Flooring planks to acclimatise to the room’s temperature and humidity conditions for at least 48 hours before installation. Stack the flooring boxes horizontally in the room where they will be installed, maintaining proper spacing between boxes for air circulation.
  3. Layout: Plan the layout of the flooring, starting from the longest and straightest wall in the room. Consider the direction of the planks and any architectural features or obstacles. Begin installation along the reference line, leaving an expansion gap along the walls and transitions to other flooring surfaces.
  4. Installation: Begin by installing the first row of Invictus® Flooring planks, ensuring that the click-lock edges are securely engaged. Use a tapping block and rubber mallet to gently tap the planks into place, ensuring a tight fit. Continue installing subsequent rows, interlocking the planks with the click-lock system and staggering the end joints for stability.
  5. Trimming: As you approach the end of each row, measure and cut the final plank to fit against the wall, leaving a gap for expansion. Use a saw or a vinyl cutter to make precise cuts, ensuring a snug fit. Remove any excess debris from the surface of the flooring with a vacuum or broom.
  6. Finishing Touches: Once the installation is complete, remove any spacers and install matching transition strips or mouldings along the perimeter of the room to cover expansion gaps and provide a finished look( for click products ). Allow the flooring to acclimatise and settle for at least 24 hours before heavy foot traffic or placing furniture on the floor.

By following these detailed instructions for both the glue-down and click-lock installation methods, you can achieve a professional and long-lasting result with your Invictus® Flooring. Whether you’re installing in a residential or commercial space, Invictus® Flooring offers exceptional quality and versatility to enhance any environment.

Invictus® Maintenance Guide

The Invictus® Flooring care and maintenance guide is your comprehensive resource for ensuring that your flooring investment retains its beauty and durability for years to come.

Here’s an expanded look at each aspect of caring for your Invictus Flooring:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Incorporate regular cleaning into your routine to keep your Invictus® Flooring looking its best. Begin by sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. Opt for a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to prevent scratching the surface. For a deeper clean, damp mop the floor using a mild detergent solution and water. Be sure to wring out the mop thoroughly to avoid excess moisture, which can damage the flooring.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning your Invictus® Flooring, it’s essential to steer clear of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. These products can strip away the floor’s protective finish and cause irreparable damage. Instead, stick to pH-neutral cleaning solutions specifically formulated for vinyl flooring. These gentle yet effective cleaners will help maintain the integrity and appearance of your flooring without causing harm.
  3. Immediate Spill Cleanup: Spills happen, but it’s crucial to address them promptly to prevent staining or damage to your Invictus® Flooring. Use a damp cloth or mop to wipe away spills as soon as they occur, then dry the area thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. This quick action will help prevent moisture from seeping into the flooring and causing long-term damage.
  4. Furniture Protection: Protect your Invictus® Flooring from scratches and indentations by using furniture pads or felt protectors under the legs of heavy furniture pieces. These simple yet effective measures will help distribute the weight of furniture evenly and prevent damage to the flooring surface. Additionally, avoid dragging furniture across the floor, as this can cause scratches and gouges.
  5. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause fading and discolouration of your Invictus® Flooring over time. To minimize this risk, use window coverings such as blinds or curtains to block out harsh sunlight during peak hours. Alternatively, consider applying UV-blocking window film to protect your flooring from harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light into your space.
    ** Please note UV has an equal effect on all brands and therefore this information is not limited to Invictus® Flooring.
  6. Use Entrance Mats: Place entrance mats or rugs at entryways to trap dirt, grit, and moisture from shoes before they can be tracked onto your Invictus® Flooring. Regularly clean and shake out mats to prevent dirt buildup, and opt for a mat with a rubber backing to prevent slippage on the flooring surface. By capturing dirt and moisture at the door, you can prevent it from being spread throughout your home and damaging your Invictus® flooring.
  7. Protective Measures: Exercise caution when moving heavy objects or sharp items across your Invictus® Flooring. Avoid dragging heavy furniture or appliances, as this can cause scratches, dents, or gouges. Instead, use protective pads or coasters under furniture legs to distribute weight evenly and prevent damage to the flooring surface.
  8. Routine Maintenance: Make it a habit to inspect your Invictus® Flooring regularly for signs of wear, damage, or issues. Address any minor scratches or scuffs promptly using a vinyl floor repair kit or touch-up pen, following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Additionally, consider implementing a routine maintenance schedule that includes periodic deep cleaning and maintenance to keep your flooring looking its best for years to come.

By following the Invictus® Flooring care and maintenance guide diligently, you can ensure that your flooring investment remains beautiful, resilient, and durable for years to come. With proper care and attention, your Invictus Flooring will continue to enhance your home or commercial space with its timeless elegance and exceptional quality.

Invictus® Warranty Information

The Invictus® Flooring warranty offers comprehensive coverage and valuable protection, ensuring that your flooring investment remains a source of pride and satisfaction for years to come.

Let’s delve deeper into the key features and benefits of the Invictus® Flooring warranty:

  1. Structural Warranty: At the core of the Invictus® Flooring warranty is a robust structural guarantee, assuring that your flooring, whether it’s Maximus, Primus, or Maximus Click, will maintain its stability and integrity over time. This coverage protects against defects in materials or workmanship, giving you confidence that your flooring will withstand the rigours of daily use and remain solid and secure for the long haul.
  2. Surface Warranty: With the surface warranty, Invictus® Flooring stands behind the durability and performance of the finish and wear layer of your flooring, whether it’s Maximus, Primus, or Maximus Click. This coverage offers superior protection against scratches, stains, and wear under normal residential or commercial use. Whether it’s spills from everyday accidents or heavy foot traffic in busy areas, this warranty ensures that your flooring maintains its original beauty and resilience.
  3. Waterproof Warranty: Invictus® Flooring goes the extra mile by offering a waterproof warranty for its Maximus, Primus, and Maximus Click lines, providing added peace of mind in areas prone to moisture exposure. This coverage is particularly beneficial for spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, where spills, leaks, and humidity are common. With the waterproof warranty, you can rest assured that your flooring will remain resilient and unaffected by water damage, allowing you to enjoy its beauty and functionality without worry.
  4. Installation Warranty: Invictus® Flooring stands behind the quality of its products and installation methods with an installation warranty. This assurance guarantees that your Maximus, Primus, or Maximus Click flooring will be installed correctly according to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Should any issues arise due to improper installation, Invictus Flooring will address them promptly and professionally, ensuring that your flooring investment is protected from the start.
  5. Transferable Warranty: For added convenience and value, the Invictus® Flooring warranty is fully transferable to subsequent owners if you sell your property. This transferability ensures that the benefits of the warranty extend beyond your ownership, providing continued protection and enhancing the resale value of your home or commercial space. Whether you’re moving to a new location or selling your property, you can have confidence that the warranty will remain in effect for your Maximus, Primus, or Maximus Click flooring.
  6. Customer Support: Invictus® Flooring is committed to providing exceptional customer support throughout the warranty process for its Maximus, Primus, and Maximus Click lines. Our knowledgeable and responsive team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about coverage, claims, or technical support. We strive to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for our valued customers, reaffirming our dedication to your satisfaction and peace of mind. You can reach Invictus Flooring directly during office hours on 01422 431100!

With the Invictus® Flooring warranty for Maximus, Primus, and Maximus Click, you can confidently invest in your flooring, knowing that you are protected by a brand that prioritizes quality, reliability, and customer care. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your flooring is backed by comprehensive coverage, allowing you to enjoy your space with confidence and tranquillity for many years to come.


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