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5 reasons to pick vinyl flooring for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so when you decide it’s time for a renovation, you want to get it right. When it comes to choosing your flooring, you may find yourself overwhelmed with material choices. This is where Floorbay can help. We believe that vinyl flooring is the perfect solution as they are extremely versatile. This week, we shall discuss just a few notable reasons to choose vinyl flooring for your kitchen.

Easy to clean

Kitchens can get dirty quite quickly. After all, you’re dealing with a lot of food! This is why choosing a flooring material that is easy to maintain is an ideal solution to such a messy environment.

Rock-solid quality

Kitchen floors are constantly being pushed to their limits. A sharp knife falling edge down, glasses spilling and smashing, your kitchen takes quite a beating! However, thanks to patented Scratch Guard protective technology, vinyl flooring can truly pass any test. This makes it a perfect solution for your kitchen flooring.

Moisture resistant

Speaking of spills, you need a flooring type that won’t warm or stain due to soaking up moisture. Vinyl flooring is easy to wipe clean within seconds, with liquids being unable to sink into the surface. This also makes vinyl flooring ideal for bathrooms too.

Ideal for renovations

Like bathrooms, kitchens are a priority when it comes to home renovation projects. Due to vinyl being thin and easy to install, it is the perfect flooring solution for almost any home project. However, we would say it’s a fantastic solution for kitchens as it’s one less thing to worry about, and you won’t need an entire day to add it to the room.

Truly attractive

There are so many styles, colours and laying patterns to choose from for your vinyl flooring. No matter the design you are after, you can be sure to find the perfect style for your budget. With big name brands at affordable prices, from Luvanto to Amtico, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. To learn more about vinyl flooring types, get in touch with Floorbay today.


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