guide to flooring

A Room by Room Guide to Flooring

This guide to flooring will explore how flooring can make or break a room. Choose the right one and everything in the home will run smoothly. LVT is a great choice for almost any room in the home, but why is this? Allow us to explain…

First thing’s first: know your flooring

Though you may be familiar with different available flooring types, it is hard to know which is best for each room but this guide to flooring will help you make the big decisions. When planning your flooring for each room, consider the following:

  • Durability
  • Lifespan
  • Maintenance
  • Water and humidity resistance
  • Cost and installation

These will all contribute to not only the look of the room but how well it functions over the years.

Choosing LVT

Made from high-quality PVC, LVT flooring is highly durable and 100 per cent waterproof. They are also scratch and slip-resistant and a simple tile can be replaced in the event of any harsh damage (which is highly unlikely, but it’s good to know!). LVT is great for imitating natural textures while saving you money than if you were to invest in real woods that would also be more susceptible to scratches and marks.

The Kitchen

While many view the kitchen as the heart of the home, it is a hostile environment for flooring. Splashes, spills and debris build-up easily in this room, which is why kitchens will benefit from LVT flooring. It’s easy to clean and is far less likely to be damaged.

Living room

Flooring in the living room often comes down to personal choice, but there are a few things to consider before making a decision. For one, solid wood is not recommended, particularly for rooms with underfloor heating or a log burning stove. LVT may not seem like the most desirable idea, but it comes with numerous benefits that will work well with your living room.


Bathrooms have the highest moisture content out of any room in the home, and it is clear to see why. As a result, carpet and solid wood are not acceptable. Instead, LVT is ideal as they are 100 per cent waterproof and come with great anti-slip properties. And, as mentioned, they’re super easy to clean!


Like the living room, bedroom flooring usually comes down to personal choice. LVT may seem like a cold option for some homeowners, but it’s great if you have underfloor heating and wish to warm up your feet as you move around the room!

Find the perfect flooring for your home with Floorbay

As you can see from this guide to flooring, there are many ways in which you can welcome LVT flooring into your home. The next question is, which style do you choose? At Floorbay, there are hundreds of styles, colours, brands and material choices to choose from. If you would like to learn more about the products we can offer your home, get in touch.