benefits of vinyl flooring

What is the Real Benefit of Vinyl Flooring?

How many flooring specialists list the word ‘game changer’ when it comes to their products? Chances are everyone from carpet to real hardwood flooring specialists will have adopted the term to shill their products as the best of the best for your home. But what are the benefits of vinyl flooring?

When it comes to the area of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, or stone vinyl or other flooring replications, LVT is a game-changer for a majority of reasons. When we discuss some of them, it is not hard to fathom why people choose vinyl flooring over everything else.

From its durability, safeguarding and endless selections of styles to suit any environment, vinyl flooring is the product that snatched the popularity for anyone seeking an easy install product built to last decades. This is why people choose vinyl click flooring.

What is Vinyl Click Flooring?

Vinyl Click flooring is a product that boasts many benefits in strength and viability without compromising its style or cost on your budget. It is among the cheapest flooring options currently swirling around the market.

It has the properties that busy households both want and require, especially when it comes to those unwanted spills in the home. Unlike other flooring like laminate, vinyl flooring is 100 per cent waterproof – meaning that it is perfectly suited to bathrooms and kitchens.

As with any flooring it is not recommended to leave large puddles on the flooring surface for too long as it may affect the product, but it is very easy to keep clean with a simple mop, sweep and vacuum.

Self Install?

Make no mistake about it, you could use a professional to fit luxury vinyl flooring – mainly if you use a glue down tile method that requires adhesive use. Many people are never sure about the amount they need to use so opt for a professional fitter.

But lowest price Amtico flooring is exceptionally easy to self-install and will only take you the better half of an afternoon if you can clear a schedule to do it. With the vinyl click system, all you have to do is prepare your subfloor and make sure it is even (and laying an optional underlay to compensate for any unevenness) before simply clicking together the planks. It is that simple and effective.

Choice of Style

The benefits of vinyl flooring is that you can have it the way you want it at a cheaper price, but with a quality that far surpasses the real thing.

With many brands providing a slew of unique palettes and designs, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are a great investment in your home for many years ahead. Contact the team at Floorbay today for the choice underfoot.