best brands of luxury vinyl flooring

The Best Luxury Vinyl Brands To Consider

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of those much sought-after products that propel the look of your home with a pleasing aesthetic as well as stress-free levels of maintenance for your daily living. What you may not consider is that the quality of LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) throughout the market can differ quite dramatically throughout the many different brands available for consideration. You want a great look but you have to measure that against the best luxury tile brands on the market. So what are the best brands of luxury vinyl flooring? To help, we have listed the top LVT flooring brands out of the bunch to streamline your decision.


Whilst Karndean click vinyl flooring may not be the first name that jumps to mind when somebody mentions LVT, it has established itself as a leading brand over 40 years and has the biggest collection of quality tiles and planks on offer.

Whilst many other brands have come and gone, Karndean has held firm and grown with selections for both domestic and commercial use, priding itself on being among the best on the market. With its realistic oaks and maples, Karndean contains untold levels of character and charm within its intricate designs.

If you prefer realistic tones without the stress of real wood maintenance, Karndean provides every style imaginable for a luxurious effect in any kind of room.

Quick-Step Livyn

If any brand has become world-renowned for its LVT product in recent years, the Quick-Step luxury vinyl brand is undoubtedly one of the best available.

These LVT tiles and planks come with a lot of unique benefits, such as a patented click system and more advanced technological innovations in design. Quick-Step offers 100% water resistance and a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The exceptional stain and scratch-resistance of the Quick-Step brand are sure to provide many years of satisfaction in both click-together and glue-down options, ideal for both heavy and light traffic areas.

Invictus Luxury Vinyl

Invictus delivers unbeatable performance – especially as Invictus means invincible in Latin. Invictus has become the one brand that meets all expectations laid upon it.

Invictus is extremely popular for those looking at a larger variety of designs for a more striking look for the home. This includes more true-to-nature wood planks and realistically detailed stone look tiles. If you look to make bold statements about your home, Invictus provides more intricate patterns throughout its growing collections.

If you want the very best for your home, you want to buy the best brands of luxury vinyl flooring. Karndean, Quick-Step and Invictus are the three brands that set your home apart from anywhere else. Contact Floorbay today to browser the extensive collections from these brands and many more.