Vinyl Flooring Over Ceramic

Homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl flooring in droves as the most preferred flooring solution for their home, taking attention away from thick carpets, stones and real hardwoods.

Vinyl planks and tiles are rightfully sitting high on the flooring throne, with key leading brands such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, Polyflor and Invictus being the highest quality product you can buy.

When it comes to bathrooms, the big choice comes down to homeowners fitting it with either luxury vinyl flooring or going with traditional ceramic to match the fixtures. If you are weighing out the pros and cons between these options, here is why a vinyl plank outperforms ceramic tiles in this room.


If you are looking at purely a more budget-friendly option for the room, vinyl planks are much more accommodating to your budget than ceramic tiles.

In a lot of cases – and depending on the type of tile you are choosing within ceramics – the entire cost of fitting your floor can equal more than the actual full cost of fitting it with real hardwood or a high-quality carpet. On the other side, vinyl flooring can cost 40% less to install with vinyl planks, saving you a considerable amount whether you go for a professional installation or not.


When we look into the speed and ease of installing both flooring types, ceramic tile is among the most labour-intensive processes that take a lot of time – and also requires a professional installer to get the job done. It is not something you could do yourself effectively.

Vinyl plank installation is by comparison a DIY-friendly process that is 60% quicker to install than its ceramic counterpart. There is also no requirement in pulling up the existing hard level floor as vinyl planks can be installed over existing surface floors – as long as they are perfectly levelled.


When it comes to being a durable product, both vinyl planks and ceramic tiles are designed to be highly durable as a flooring option.

The big difference between them both is that ceramic can chip and crack over time, especially if you have an underfloor heating system installed – of which ceramic is not a suitable layer. Whilst ceramic is more prone to damage from cracks and items dropping onto them, vinyl flooring planks come equipped with highly sustainable safeguards such as scratch resistance and a cushioned effect.

Luxury vinyl planks are a definite improvement over ceramic flooring in these cases. Contact the team at Floorbay for all of your luxury vinyl flooring requirements and top brands.