What’s the Story with Karndean?

Karndean is one of the most preferred vinyl flooring brands currently sitting on top of the flooring marketplace. However, it may surprise you to learn that their climb to the top is not something that has happened overnight – or even within the last decade.

Karndean click vinyl flooring began its life in 1973 with the creation of its business on the back of a former flooring installer from his family home. Being world travelled and researched, the team at Karndean sought inspiration from natural materials with the belief that their flooring brand was not just about practicality – but also beauty.

Small Beginnings to Bigger Things

Whilst initially working out of the family home for several years, the Karndean team worked to develop the most realistic luxury vinyl flooring products on the market.

Now stretching across the globe, with many of the original employees still working for the company to this day, Karndean has continuously progressed in the delivery of innovative, beautiful and reliable designs for homes and businesses for decades.

It is this commitment to providing the ultimate in stylish, cost-effective and sustainable flooring that has pushed Karndean through the confines of many other vinyl flooring brands that claim to dominate the market.

King of Home Design

The key consideration that Karndean has focused on is that they understand that home design can be an overwhelming experience. Putting all of the elements together from furniture to fixtures to flooring choice is something that causes a lot of confusion.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is the one luxury vinyl flooring that replaces frustration with inspiration – inspired by nature and with a focus on the long-term solution for your home. No matter if your attention is zoned in on matters of aesthetics or lifestyle, Karndean click vinyl flooring has the right design to match whatever flavour you have for your home.

When You Know it is Karndean

Karndean is a product manufactured and designed with the needs of the customer in mind. The people involved with the intricate design of the layers of Karndean products see flooring differently and incorporate a lot of innovative steps into their product.

By retaining the original features that made them the most reliable and trustworthy flooring brand within the market, they have been able to develop more cutting-edge designs as the years have progressed so that the look of a natural floor can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

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