Luvanto vinyl flooring

How Luvanto Became the Popular Brand of Vinyl Flooring

Every advert for vinyl flooring brands claims they piqued their competition to the throne – and in truth, many vinyl flooring brands offer the same levels of design, style and satisfaction to rightfully boast. Luxury vinyl flooring is now so popular as a choice for the home that they don’t even compete against carpets or real hardwoods anymore – just other brands on the market. They have the satisfaction of homeowners all in a class by themselves and are now set to completely dominate the market further. With decades of performance, vinyl flooring is proud and confident to boast its strongly enforced warranty over every other type of flooring – and one brand stands as the people’s vinyl – Luvanto vinyl flooring

Looks are Everything

Following the cruel years when vinyl flooring was tacky and unnatural looking, the people behind Luvanto dedicated extensive research into both technology and materials to rectify both the look and feel of their product.

Not only that, they spent considerable time perfecting their levels of durability and functional disadvantages over other flooring types. Luvanto worked on cutting-edge products to replicate the exact surface visual appearance of natural materials in the world of stones and real hardwoods – as well as their safeguards.

The Cost-Effective Choice

Everyone wants to save on their home design budgets, and Luvanto vinyl flooring has always been the brand to have that in mind.

Many other brands may have premium products that draw the eye, but Luvanto offers an assurance of quality that is unmatched. The manufacturing processes bring technological breakthroughs in flooring, utilising modern materials which are cheaper but no less sustainable – meaning this flooring is a fraction of the cost of hardwood or stone and its installation.

More complex designs and instances where adhesives are required would probably be best left to a professional installer, but vinyl flooring is perfectly achievable for anyone savvy in DIY to do themselves.

Built to Last

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is created by the use of pressed wood, with each plank or tile bringing extra durability and resistance to scratches, dampness and abrasion.

Luvanto is a product that takes less time to clean and maintain, with the majority of the work able to be done with a simple mop and warm water. With its core focus being its resistance to stains, no lasting marks are ruining the lifespan of your floor.

Luvanto is the big name in vinyl flooring and one on the lips of all interior designers as a satisfying choice. Contact the team at Floorbay today to discover Luvanto vinyl flooring.