carpets or luxury vinyl flooring

Should I Go With LVT or Carpet This Winter?

The colder nights will be upon us very soon. October is that part of the year where homeowners have that last burst of inspiration to kit their home to retain the warmth. Generally, homeowners will sway between the choices of carpets or luxury vinyl flooring during this month.

Both options have plenty of benefits for choosing them, but the best flooring will come down to several factors.

The Room

The selection of floor covering will pose a different challenge to the room dynamic. It is crucial for areas such as your kitchen and bathroom that the flooring choice has a high resistance to water and dampness. Carpets are an unwise choice for these rooms. Luvanto is perfect, being 100% waterproof to the point where an underfloor heating system is a reality for these areas.

For high foot traffic areas such as the living room, family room or corridor, you will need to ensure that the choice has higher levels of durability. Whilst carpets may provide comfort, they will require higher levels of cleaning. Invictus luxury vinyl can be cleaned quickly with a mop and sweep, staying healthier for longer.


The bigger factor in your choice will always be how it affects your bank balance. During 2023, everyone has had to scale back during the cost of living crisis – also effecting their options with home touchups.

Carpet is typically cheaper than vinyl flooring like Polyflor, but it will need extensive cleaning chemicals and replacement in shorter order as time goes on. When factoring in the cost, you need to think about how much you stand to pay for products and replacement. Budget carpet options tend to last a maximum of 7 years before needing replacement, whereas Quick-Step vinyl flooring can last up to 25 years or longer. It is a significant difference.

Installation and Maintenance

Both carpet and Karndean Click vinyl flooring can be fitted relatively quickly to provide a warm and cosy feel for your home. Carpet certainly provides a quiet environment and are soft underfoot. LVT is also softer underfoot thanks to padded underlay that creates a cushioned feeling that acts a perfect insulator for sound and heat.

Carpets will also require a more regular cleaning schedule, sometimes everyday for a high-traffic home. LVT can get away with a simple mop and sweep each week. LVT will not require a vacuum, making it an eco-friendly option that saves on energy use.

All factors worth considering when weighing up your options. For more information, contact the team at Floorbay today to make your decision much clearer.