Cleaning Vinyl Plank Flooring

Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: All You Need to Know

When you have bought floorings such as Invictus or Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, you want to keep it in the most pristine condition you can for as long as possible. When it comes to cleaning vinyl plank flooring, every kind has its levels of care and attention required to protect its lifespan, so it is imperative to know how they take to regular cleaning and removal of scuff marks.

Most vinyl flooring providers will have handy guides for specific brands, but there are general rules that play to all brands of vinyl flooring products.

Avoid Certain Cleaners

A big mistake you can assume is that harsher chemicals like bleach or ammonia will get the job done for cleaning vinyl plank flooring. Avoid these as they will damage the surface layer extensively. Instead, use a simple dishcloth and warm water. It will be enough in all instances.

To avoid damage to your Quick-Step vinyl flooring, a microfiber mop is preferable over a traditional string mop. Ensure you wring out your mop to discard all excess water before each application. If you use dish soap in the cleaning solution, rinse the planks with clean water to eliminate any soap residue and dry it with a towel or clean rag.

If you have a harsher stain on your floor, rub it with isopropyl alcohol, water, baking soda paste or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Always consult with your supplier about this if unsuitable for that brand.

Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is an ingredient in most homemade cleaners, but it is not always ideal for certain surfaces that can lead to damage.

Luxury vinyl planks can take vinegar as a safe cleaning agent, as the vinegar’s acidity is extremely effective in dirt removal and grime elimination as a substitute for soap. Ensure that full-strength vinegar is not applied, as that can effectively dull the finish of your floor. As you may know, there is no way to polish vinyl planks to bring back a shine after it has dulled. However, a few drops of baby oil in the water and a vinegar cleaning solution can give a little extra shine if your floor has its original look.

Scratches and Scuffs

If you aim to keep your vinyl plank flooring looking new, the best method is a sweep and vacuum each day to remove dirt and debris that can cause damage when ignored. Whenever you notice a scratch or scuff in your flooring, several options could be employed.

Smaller marks may be able to be buffed out or use a spot repair kit. Larger scuffs or scratches may need a vinyl floor sealer following a wash of the area. The best way to know for certain is by consulting your supplier for the best methods for your particular brand.

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