Should I Put The Same Flooring Throughout?

When you have multiple rooms that require a solid flooring option, many choose to go room by room with different styles because of the costs and time it takes. A better option is a cost-effective step in one product – luxury vinyl floorings such as Polyflor or Invictus.

The Vinyl Options

Not only does this make the home look more in tune with the design, but it also makes a considerable difference in your home design budget.

The most common connection for flooring in the home is when people want the hallways, kitchen and dining area to feel like one larger combined space. Other ideas typically fall into open-plan kitchen diners with the same floor carrying through to the utility room or conservatory.

The flooring colour and style can stay the same for a seamless finish, and there are plenty of options within vinyl tiles and planks to achieve the desired result.


When you set the stage for one flooring design across a large section of the house – encompassing several rooms – you will have to consider some aspects.

Your budget is where you begin as the flooring type will be determined by it. There are plenty of affordable options within Quick-Step vinyl flooring and other brands, as well as ones that sit on the top end of the affordability scale. You also need to understand the space.

Hallways need something very robust and hardwearing, whilst a kitchen or utility room will require a water-resistant product. The third thing to consider is the colours, tones and how they align with your interior colour scheme. Your hallways may have a completely different scheme to your kitchen or dining area – which may throw off your flooring option if not suited.

You also need to consider your pattern design and if they can seamlessly mix and match without looking disjointed. As an example, one area may incorporate a parquet herringbone and then use larger planks in separate areas.


Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is an ideal solution if you look to have the same colour in an area but a different look in how it has been laid. LVT manufacturers produce wood effect vinyl products in different sizes to extend the scope of designing your ideal floor space.

The LVT installation process requires floor preparation before you get started, but an expert installation from Floorbay will have an initial survey to advise on laying your LVT properly and without incident.

Are you ready to step up to the amazing benefits that luxury vinyl flooring brings to your home? Contact the team at Floorbay today.