contemporary flooring

Contemporary flooring choices for your home – featuring the Expona Design range by Polyflor!

Creating a contemporary home sounds simple enough, but choosing the right flooring can sometimes be a bit of a head-scratcher. Though you may want a sleek, seamless design, you won’t want your rooms to appear flat. The right flooring can elevate whatever design you choose by offering texture and contrast. The Expona Design range by Polyflor offers numerous style choices that can benefit any home. Take a look at our top picks to see for yourself!

Scandinavian Flair – subway cement

contemporary flooring

The Scandinavian design has been popular for some time now, and it’s certainly not going anywhere! This lush subway cement tile is perfect for adding texture into the home without overpowering the style of the room. It helps keep your design to a minimum while still showing plenty of personality!

Warm and cosy – rustic spiced timber

contemporary flooring

If you want to create a contemporary home without compromising on warm, cosiness, then don’t worry! This rustic spiced timber tile complements any simplistic design, adding a warm contrast to the popular whites and greys that are normally considered for a contemporary design.

Bold contrast – Atlantic slate

contemporary flooring

If you want to go bold with your flooring, nothing beats Atlantic slate. Pair this with Expona’s monochrome geotexture and you will certainly wow your visitors! The best thing about Atlantic slate is that despite its darkness, you can still see texture within the tile.

Bright and welcoming – coral medley

contemporary flooring

This tile certainly has a family-friendly feel to it. With a blend of warm and cold tones, coral medley offers a soft blend of colours that is bright and welcoming. It’s also a perfect flooring option for retail and hospitality businesses!

Almost minimal – grey stencil conrete

If sleek is what you’re after, this grey stencil concrete will help keep a streamlined design while at the same time offering slight texture to the floor. This will add depth to the room without going overboard and will ensure a sleek and stylish finished design!

Contemporary comfort – smoked medley

If you are looking to create a sense of comfort with a contemporary flair, this salvaged pier timber tile is a perfect choice. Cool greys warm up to the wooden pattern, making it ideal for bright spaces. Add deep blue or dusky grey furnishings for contrast and you will have the perfect balance of cosy and contemporary.

Find the perfect contemporary flooring with Floorbay

Contemporary design will always vary depending on the individual, which is why you cannot limit yourself to a few simple choices. The Expona Design range by Polyflor proves just how creative you can get with your flooring. At Floorbay, we offer plenty of Polyflor designs to suit every home. Get in touch to find out more.