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Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Click vs. Glue

When choosing luxury vinyl flooring, you will often find yourself choosing between click or glue. Both offer wonderful quality, but there are differences between the two that you may want to learn about before you make a decision. Allow us to help…

Click Flooring

There are numerous benefits to click flooring. For one, installation is quick and simple, making it cheaper to fit than if you were to use glue. Without the glue, you need to do nothing more than to ‘click’ each tile into place. The only drawback is that these tiles tend to cost more in general than glue tiles, but they still save you money in other areas.

Glue Flooring

Glue flooring is a cheaper alternative to click, but it does come with limitations you must think about. For one, it must be laid on a flat subfloor if you want to install it properly. Secondly, installation costs more for glue than it does click.

However, glue tiles are generally cheaper to produce than click, making them more affordable. Plus, you can use feature strips to create borders and add more detail to your chosen design.

Things to consider

When choosing between click or glue luxury vinyl flooring, there are many things you must consider before you make your decision. There are many benefits to both types of flooring, but you must also bear in mind your personal preferences. Here are some factors to consider…


The composition of luxury vinyl flooring remains quite similar, no matter which type you choose. However, both types differ in thickness. Click luxury vinyl flooring is thicker to ensure it can accommodate the click-lock fitting mechanism.


As we have already mentioned, glue flooring requires a flat and even subfloor. This is due to it being directly glued down to the surface below. An uneven subfloor can cause damage to the bottom of your tiles over time.

Click is less restricted when it comes to the subflooring, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take proper care in preparing your subfloor if it is damaged. As click is normally installed using underlay, it is better for hiding the imperfections a subfloor may have.


If your room finds itself a victim of fluctuating temperature, glue is best. This is because there will then be less room for the floor to expand and contract with the head, which would normally lead to the floor rising over time.

Foot traffic

Something else to consider is foot traffic. As click flooring is thicker, it is usually more comfortable on the feet. However, glue is less likely to move and feel the effects of increased foot traffic if attached to a subfloor.

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