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Floorbay’s guide to styling your dark wooden floors

Flooring in a dark wood has been a popular choice for many years now. However, when it comes to styling your room around such deep colours and shades, it can be quite difficult. With this in mind, here is our guide to styling your wooden floors.

White walls and light wood furniture

Flooring in a dark wood is often warm-toned, you should ideally choose furniture with the same effect. However, to balance out the darkness, we recommend choosing lighter shades. So, if your floors are almost black (or completely) you can brighten up the space with light woods! The lighter the furniture, the better the contrast, but you don’t necessarily have to go completely black and white.

Choose the right curtains

Believe it or not, but the curtains you choose will also have an affect on your room when you have dark flooring. If you have stylish windows that you would like visitors to notice, choose a light colour. However, if the room is naturally bright and you wish to calm things down slightly, dark curtains may be your best bet. However, be sure to add lamps as the room will darken dramatically as the day draws on.

Light rugs

If you would like to brighten up your space, a light rug will do the trick while still allowing people to see the beautiful dark woods surrounding it. It will offer a lovely contrast and help create a cosy, inviting space. You don’t necessarily need a pure white rug, off-whites and creams warm up the room, creating a welcoming environment.

Layered textures

Dark woods often work well for a relaxed environment. As we have already mentioned, warm woods and light rugs can help create such a space, but there is more you can do. Layer soft furnishings to create a room that you will want to fall into at the end of the day. Add blankets, fluffy cushions and more for a cosy environment.

Match furniture legs to the floors

Of course, if you are looking to create a sense of elegance in your home, you could match your wooden furniture to your floors. This would be perfect for dining, as your seats would blend into the deep shades in the ground, adding to the intimate atmosphere that is a must-have for many hosts.

Select light cabinets or cupboards

If you are adding dark wooden flooring to your kitchen, we would again recommend contrasting this with lighter shades. Dark flooring is great for your kitchen as spills and marks are far less visible. However, too much darkness in the room can create quite a dim atmosphere. Light cabinetry can balance this out, ensuring a stylish, practical and inviting kitchen!

Find the perfect flooring with Floorbay

Of course, we understand that wooden flooring is a heavy investment that requires a lot of maintenance over the years. Whether you want dark or light flooring, Floorbay offers many stylish vinyl solutions that will save you money, not just when you buy, but as they stand the test of time. Get in touch to learn more about our products.