dining room vinyl flooring

Dining Room Vinyl Flooring: The Perfect Choice

The dining room is one of the most popular rooms of the house where family meetings, meals and discussions take place. The dining table is considered the room where all decisions for the family are born, discussed and agreed upon. As a welcoming room, it requires a welcoming design – which includes a floor to match. Providing a warm look with a durable design to withstand heavy foot traffic and heavy furniture means that choosing the right dining room vinyl flooring is vital to truly enjoy your home for longer.

This presents the perfect opportunity to invest in luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.


When you choose to floor your dining room, how you are planning to use up the space plays a big part in the proceedings. The dining room is also a function room, especially if you throw birthday parties and such.

The truth is that the dining room gets used as much as a living room or kitchen, and how often you use it plays into its design. Luxury vinyl flooring such as Karndean click vinyl flooring is a very popular choice for dining rooms, with a large variety of designs that can perfectly match the interior design to a stronger effect.

Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also be protected against scratches and scuffs that heavy tables can produce (although it is recommended that the feet on tables and chairs be fitted with felt pads to fully protect against deep scratches).


Design and strength are two areas that make vinyl flooring appealing, but its reinforced qualities make it the better choice.

Its strong standing against water, heat and stains means that even if it is situated by the backyard where the natural sun will shine through the windows, water from rain or a pool will not seep through the tiles to the subfloor. Hot days will not see your tiles raising from the heat and all those muddy footprints can be easily cleaned with a quick mop and no specialist chemicals required.

Vinyl flooring offers up a lot of protection against wear and tear and is flooring that can be fitted for the long haul, lasting upwards of thirty years if properly maintained.

Self Install

The relative ease in the installation of vinyl flooring makes it a perfect dining room choice. Many people feel it requires a professional, and in some complex designs it may do, but with a simple tongue and groove installation method it does mean that you can take to task yourself within a day.

If you are looking at making your dining room vinyl flooring a true experience as well as a long term solution, luxury vinyl flooring is the better choice on the market. Contact the team at Floorbay today to explore the various options available.