Choosing the Best Low Maintenance Flooring

We all love beautiful and stylish flooring but we hate the thought of rigorous cleaning taking up hours of our week to keep it looking incredible. When choosing the type of flooring we want to layer our home or office, we naturally want theta fantastic look whilst also keeping us limited to the time we need to dedicate to keeping it looking that way. We look for something designed to fit alongside our busy lifestyle, not add copious hours to it. Low maintenance flooring is popular with the advent of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, or stone-style vinyl designs such as quick-step luxury vinyl or Invictus.

Maintaining Vinyl Tiles

Sitting high and above the other flooring designs when it comes to maintenance, luxury vinyl planks and tiles take a lot to be beaten for practicality and protection.

If maintaining this flooring product is easy, then cleaning it is a real joy for your time. Whilst most flooring will require various cleaning chemicals or levels of specialist care to keep them looking healthy and strong, vinyl flooring does not, and can be kept clean with simple sweeping and a quick once over with a mop and warm soapy water in most cases.

With many years of advancements in the manufacturing of vinyl flooring planks and tiles, not only have they now been considered the perfect replication of real hardwoods and stone but they are protected against the things that cause them the most damage.


Unlike real hardwoods or stones, vinyl planks and tiles boast excellent water resistance and stain resistant wear layers. This makes them a hot product for various rooms in the house – especially wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Whilst considerable care should be undertaken to not soak your floor when mopping, it is the one flooring choice that completely protects the subfloor from any leaking. This means that no matter how many times you choose to mop the floor throughout the week, it is simple, quick and protected to the maximum.

Care should also be taken in not using bristle brushes when sweeping as this may take a toll on the design layer over excessive brushes. Whilst the product will ultimately be protected from its use, the design layer will take the brunt of regular activity with it, so the use of non-bristle brushes means your design layer stays fresh also.

Best Choice

Of course, we put these floors down because we love the style and vinyl flooring has the best styles from hundreds of brands and ranges.

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