domestic vinyl flooring

How Does Vinyl Flooring Increase the Value of My Home?

We all love the thought of sprucing up our homes for a look that lasts as long as possible. However, there is always a little person on our shoulder tapping us on any decision that likes to highlight one thought – What about if we sell the house? Will this little renovation decrease our home’s value? But instead of jumping to drastic decisions, why not consider domestic vinyl flooring?

This is a question that has occasionally been asked whenever people consider their flooring options, not wanting their valuation to be affected when wanting the best possible price. Whilst many understand the need for upmarket kitchen design, fresh colours and fixtures as a given, your flooring plays a major part in setting the right impression as soon as the door opens.

Giving That Lasting Impression

Generally, whenever anyone steps into the house the first thing they are greeted with is the floor, especially if they want to wipe their feet on the way in.

This gives you the chance to impress them right off the bat and set the tone for the rest of the house. There are many types of flooring that can achieve this, but you are going to want to opt for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

Now it is not just tied to wood, as you can opt for a stone – slate or various other designs, but vinyl is the product that adds the real value in order to sell the property. Sure, real hardwood is a great addition to the home but it is an expensive one in installation and maintenance. You can have exactly the same look much cheaper, easier to install and fully durable and maintenance light in vinyl floorings, such as Quickstep luxury vinyl or Invictus.

Not only is it a fully natural looking product, but it also has a wealth of benefits that add to a longer living floor that can last upwards of 30 years if properly cared for. That care can be a simple weekly mop or brush and the full reduction of rubber-based waxes or rugs.

Added Benefits to Sell

Naturally having a floor installed that protects against scratches, stains and water is going to help to impress the right people looking to relax in a new home, but you can go one step further also.

Vinyl is a perfect companion to a hot trend right now in underfloor heating, which is a huge boon to those looking for a new home. It is also an eco-friendly product that fits in line with the current greener housing home drive in the UK, with brands such as Polyflor and Karndean click vinyl flooring among others manufactured to the ultimate green standards.

If the future sale of your home taps on your shoulder before doing any fix-ups in your home, contact the team at Floorbay to provide the best domestic vinyl flooring to aid in impression.