how to properly install vinyl plank flooring

How to Install Vinyl Flooring Correctly

If you have recently bought yourself some luxury wood effect vinyl flooring planks and spared yourself the expense of having a professional fitter to install them, you may find yourself scouring the internet for a guide on how to properly install them. It can’t be that hard, right?

It certainly is one of the easiest options when it comes to flooring, but there are some steps to take to ensure it is laid correctly the first time.


As anxious as you are to install your new flooring, your subfloor must be dry, flat and clean 24 hours prior to starting the work.

There are a number of ways to undertake this, and you should always discuss with a professional prior just in case, but to ensure the planks lay down flat you may require the purchase of underlay to the specifics of your room. You will need to unroll this in the same direction as the vinyl flooring will be going. This will stabilize the boards placed on top.

Try to remove skirting boards and other trim cautiously before you begin so they can be put back once the vinyl floor has been laid.

First Lay

Before putting down your first layer, be sure of the direction you are wanting your planks to face.

The first row should always be laid against your first wall, known as the feature wall or most visible. The final plank row should be at least half the size of a full plank, as the first and last planks must not be smaller than half in size. If you find that your final plank falls short, then go to the first plank and shorten it so that both fit the requirements and fits perfectly.

Size Cut

Using a utility knife, cut the boards by measuring the new edge with the square tool, running the knife along the side of the tool to score it.

A saw is not necessary in this instance and can be messy. This way you can divide the plank with light touches, enabling it to simply snap off when flipped over. If it doesn’t happen this way, simply continue to score until it falls away.

Join Planks

If you are now happy with the row you have made, the planks are ready to be snapped together into place.

No glue or nails are needed in this process as luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is very flexible and tough, so you will not need much force to bring them together.


To achieve the best natural wood floor design, you can vary the lengths of the boards on the second row so that they don’t line up in uniformity. Use whatever remains of the last plank on the first row as the first plank of the second row.

Ideally, you can mix up the boxes to get better colour and pattern combinations, but if you experience a stubborn plank you can use a hammer to gently tap it into the click joint to get the row flat. Be sure that nothing else moves out of place in this instance.

Follow the Progress

If you follow these simple instructions you could find your new floor laid in a simple afternoon. Be sure to leave the floor for a maximum of 48 hrs to remain settled before exposing it to heavy traffic, so only go on if necessary.

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