Is Vinyl Flooring Suitable for Stairs?

Vinyl flooring looks fabulous all throughout the house from the kitchen to the hall to the bathroom, but is vinyl flooring good for stairs?

No doubt if you have recently implemented luxury wood effect vinyl flooring into your home and are currently enjoying the benefits, your mind will be starting to ponder the possibility of vinyl heading up your stairs also. It certainly makes sense with its soundproofing and anti-slip properties and can connect seamlessly with your existing vinyl design.

If your consideration is at the stage where you want to take the step to layer over your steps, let’s take a look at what you need to think about prior to undergoing the transformation.


Your first step (no pun intended) is to consider the layout no matter what kind of vinyl you are choosing.

The last thing you want when undertaking this project is ugly silver cuts on sides or a shortage of required squares. To combat this you could consider one of the most common methods in centering the stairs, ensuring you have cut the same size on each side of the stairs.

Required Tools

When it comes to cutting your vinyl flooring choice you will need to think about the tools you use for the job.

If you are using planks then it is recommended that you use an electrical compound mitre saw, whereas tiles would recommend a specialist cutting tool in order to snap the tiles along a blade. Those using sheet vinyl on their staircase would be best use a utility knife to make cuts and a straightedge in order to keep the cut straight.


Naturally, this will require a preparation of the space before pressing forward with installation.

As with any flooring, the subflooring will require perfect levelling to prevent bumps which is especially important in the case of staircases. To do this you may use caulking to seal the joints or use cover screws sitting beneath the underlayment surface. Be sure to clean the stairs of debris and dust before beginning the installation.

You can use two different methods for vinyl. The peel and stick method is highly preferred on staircases due to the adhesive on the back requiring a simple peel off of the protective sheet and a simple lay of the desired design. Most DIY flooring enthusiasts recommend this method as it is a quick and easy installation.

Glue down does not have an adhesive on the back so most people use glue on the substrate in order to install. To do this you can spread down a glue layer and evenly coat it on the ground. Once this is dried the surface is ready to begin your vinyl flooring installation.

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