vinyl flooring prep

Vinyl Flooring Prep and Install

When it comes to successfully installing that glorious luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, the biggest key vinyl flooring prep.

Sure, choosing the right design is the fun part but that doesn’t mean that the work in laying it correctly has to be taxing. The preparation also has its sense of excitement as you will soon see your beautifully crafted floor, whether its Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring or Polyflor, in all its glory. By properly measuring up and making sure that vinyl flooring installation is ready, you can continue to explore a sense of fun in installation also.

First Steps

Whilst many employ a professional fitter to lay their vinyl flooring after purchasing from the supplier, many also feel the need to handle it as a fun DIY project in their own home.

With the right guidance on installation, you can utilise many tricks to make fitting as easy a task as possible, including the use of the existing floor as a template by cutting around it to make it fit perfectly. Before laying your floor you need to take a few factors into consideration.

Firstly, the sub-floor needs some investigation prior to laying your vinyl over it. If it is a concrete or wooden subfloor then you need to make sure it is not crumbling or rotting. Any imperfections that your subfloor has will show through your vinyl floor upon finishing the installation, so take the time to ensure that it is smooth and if it requires it, smooth it out via plywood base or latex screed.

Ensure Dryness

All vinyl flooring requires the subfloor to be dry before working on.

Having a damp floor can cause the vinyl to be severely affected and can affect the adhesive also. You will need to be sure that the adhesive that is being used is the standard for that particular brand of flooring, and you need to be sure if a professional is fitting the flooring that they have the correct adhesive and not a general one that is not suitable.

If your new floor begins to bubble or stretch then you need to have it worked on asap. If left unattended for too long it can lead to permanent marks or creases on your floor. Be sure that you talk with your flooring supplier in regards to returning stretched vinyl and the price in regards to it.

In keeping in line with these simple guidelines you are on the right stepping stone to having a successfully installed and glamorous luxury wood effect vinyl flooring masterpiece in your home. Contact the team at Floorbay for all your vinyl flooring requirements and vinyl flooring prep tips.