fitting vinyl flooring

Polyflor Brings the Realism

Having your home fitted with luxury vinyl flooring has become a major trend over the last decade with many homes perfectly stylised to fit character, mood and fixtures.

With vinyl being a cheaper and more durable option over their real-life counterparts, it then becomes an internal battle to choose the right brand to compliment the home. Among the most well-known brands is one that goes beyond others to give the pinnacle of style and class whilst also being among the cheapest flooring alternatives to consider.

That option is Polyflor.

Polyflor has been a top provider to the business sector for offices, kitchens and commercial spaces and recognised for its impressive durability and design specs. In particular, is its extra levels of slip resistance due to higher levels of adhesion which makes it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Specially coated with PUR surface treatment, Polyflor offers up maximum resistance to wet areas to ensure no accidents occur from slips. This not only ensures safety in the home but also sustainable care to the floor in heavy traffic areas.

Whilst this has been an extremely useful flooring option for hospitals and cafeterias, it has really come into its own as a flooring for the home also. Home safety with a focus on those households with children, people are turning to Polyflor for a durable, safe and stylish solution for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

Indeed, it ranges within the cheapest alternatives to brands like Amtico or Luvanto whilst not giving in to the qualities that those same brands encompass. With exciting wood and stone style designs, you get the feeling of the real thing without the threat of chippings or cracks that are a real-life problem in both real flooring scenarios.

Extensive research has been undertaken to replicate an authentic feel along with surface embossing that offers tone variations to suit any room mood. Whether you opt for a cool vibrancy or a warm visage you are on the creative edge of contemporary visual style.

In fact, Polyflor is a perfect component for rooms with both external and internal lighting to allow playfulness in design and installation after fitting vinyl flooring.

When it comes to design, efficiency, safety and cost you cannot make a better step than on Polyflor, so get in touch with Floorbay and make the best decision for your flooring today.