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Weather is Wetter But Flooring is Better

So summer’s end is approaching and those colder months are going to be upon us really quick. There is already plenty of rain to drown our sorrows but not to affect your floor with the choice of luxury vinyl flooring.

And this is the right time of year to focus on that change for your home, with many benefits to having a replication of the real thing and drastically reducing the risks that the real things present.

Here’s a quick look at three things to think about over the next three months, so you get cheap vinyl flooring which will survive the seasons.

It’s Going to Get Cold

Surely when you think of it getting cold you think of a nice fluffy carpet to keep your feet warm. That may be the case but also, how often are going to be cleaning that carpet between now and Christmas with rain and snow prepared to play a big factor?

Vinyl not only adds a cushioned feel throughout your home but it is also the perfect partner for underfloor heating, meaning you are experiencing comfort in even the coldest of temperatures and your room maintains the warmth without rises in floorboards or carpet.

No matter which room you are looking to implement vinyl, you can have heated flooring welcome you no matter where you step. For the bathroom, you can even replicate a slate-style floor that is not cold to touch, meaning the comfort does not stop once you exit the bath or shower.

Cleaning is a Pain

Not only is cleaning a pain, it can also be ridiculously expensive to remove stains by having to purchase specialist cleaning fluids.

Therefore it is a surprising fact that luxury wood effect vinyl flooring can be cleaned with simple household cleaning items such as a sponge and warm water mixed with vinegar, given a once over with a mop and hey presto! Your floor retains its original shine.

Straight away you have saved on expense by opting for cheap vinyl flooring which performs better than laminate or hardwood, and you have saved on effort and time, not to mention those knees in your jeans.

Cheaper Overall

Vinyl flooring is an incredibly cheap option to implement as well as take care of. In selecting it you are not compromising on quality as many technological breakthroughs have been achieved in vinyl to make them scratch-resistant, moisture-proof and above all else not costly to replace if the damage is done to individual partitions. You can even replace the individual tiles or planks without disrupting your floor.

If you were thinking of installing real wood or stone-based flooring you run the risk of easy done damage and chippings which can be costly to replace and take up other sections of the floor to begin replacing.

There are plenty of benefits that luxury vinyl flooring offer over alternative flooring options and the staff at Floorbay have extensive collections and palettes to choose from including ranges from the cheapest Amtico flooring UK and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. Contact us today to feel the warmth over these upcoming months from the ground up.