vinyl wood flooring

Vinyl Flooring Benefits

Depending on the look and feel you desire, vinyl flooring has a lot to offer for your home.

Whilst many people look at installing a hard floor, especially in kitchens or bathrooms, people discover that the most versatile option to implement throughout their room of choice is vinyl wood flooring.

Let’s check out why.


No matter what the look you have in mind, be it ceramic tile to add class or to give a luxury wood effect vinyl flooring feel, it would provide a look that is flawless over the real thing.

Not to mention cheaper on the bank account and a relatively easier installation job to boot. By being able to perfectly replicate hardwood and ceramic finishes to your floor, vinyl brings in a perfect finish for a fractional cost. With individual and identical manufactured patterns, colours and palettes to suit every style in consideration, you limit yourself to only your imagination when it comes to your home style.

Financially Secure

Individual vinyl tiles and planks are an incredibly cheap product which varies depending on the supplier.

The one thing that does not vary on is quality. Being a much cheaper alternative than real ceramic, stone or hardwood flooring ensures that even the most expensive option is still cheaper than the real thing, which is easy to replace without costing a fortune or disrupting large portions of the floor in order to repair or replace sections.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning your floor can not be any easier than vinyl when it comes to keeping the floor as clean as the day it was installed.

Printed vinyl comes equipped with a clear, protective layer on top that is stain, scratch and moisture resistant so that a regular sweep and mop keeps your floor dirt-free with no threat of permanent marking or stains ruining your floor. For rooms where moisture is a common occurrence such as bathrooms or kitchens, vinyl wood flooring ensures that there is no build-up of mildew or threat of leaking through to underflooring.


Vinyl is lovingly designed to withstand high amounts of foot traffic to make sure that the boards do not wear out or break under pressure.

With a thick tested wear layer and occasional fibreglass finish, some vinyl provides even heavier security against heavier foot traffic. Good quality vinyl can last upwards of 20 years before needing replacement planks or tiles if cared for properly, with extra reinforcements taken place to ensure no fading of colours or patterns.

When it comes to benefit your home, the vinyl wood flooring option is a perfect candidate from lowest price Amtico flooring to Quick Step luxury vinyl.