what to look for when buying vinyl flooring

What You See is Not All You Get

When finding what to look for when buying vinyl flooring, the first thing that the decision is based on is the look. How good it looks in your house. How good it matches your furnishings. How good it compliments your lifestyle.

What people class as a secondary decision is on what it also brings away from the style and look of the home. That would be the benefits in time and durability. This is why Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) provides additional safety and security for busy households.

A Durable Option

Your house may look great with a fresh wooden floor, but how long will it stay that way with a full family running through the home?

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring not only gives a lasting effect due to durable cushioning, but it also stands firm against stains or spillages that most flooring would suffer an imprint for life. Where real wood would suffer from scratches and scuffs from children or pets, anti-scratch technologies are present with vinyl to ensure a long-lasting satisfaction even after they have grown up.

Easier to Clean Than Most Floors

Simple household cleaning objects like a mop and brush can maintain a healthy floor, and you don’t need specialist chemicals like you would on carpets or wood.

In fact, the simplest use of warm soapy water on a sponge and quick mop up to not leave puddles of water keeps the floor in exactly the same way as it was intended. With moisture resistance and anti-slip properties at work, you won’t have to worry about accidents or leakage through the boards.

Simple to Implement

LVT flooring is a relatively simple task to do at home with options of either clicking together boards or glueing down tiles with the use of an adhesive to achieve the floor you wish.

With pieces able to be cut to size you also save on waste and can ensure your borders are not left with any unsightly corners of missing material. If you fancy doing a spot of DIY in the home for a weekend project, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring offers you a chance to get creative as well as productive on the work to your home.

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