alternative to laminate flooring

Our top 10 reasons to buy Luxury Vinyl Tiles!

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are the go-to flooring for anyone who is looking for high-quality flooring designs without the high cost of natural materials or as an alternative to laminate flooring. At Floorbay, we take pride in our wide rand of brands and styles for you to choose from. But before you shop, here are our top 10 reasons to buy Luxury Vinyl Tiles!

Reasons to buy Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Price

As mentioned, LVT offers an affordable alternative to natural materials such as wood or stone. And you won’t compromise on style either!


Made from robust materials, LVT is built with longevity in mind. Therefore, it isn’t just ideal for the home, but for any property that receives plenty of footing or item handling. What’s more, it is flame and moisture resistant, giving you peace of mind if you’re unsure of what it can handle.


As mentioned, LVT can take the heat. It’s hard-wearing, waterproof and is slip-resistant, making it ideal for commercial spaces, as well as any high-risk areas. Pair its strength and endurance with wonderful style and you will see that LVT is the perfect option if you require versatility.


One benefit that LVT has above its natural counterparts is that not only can you replicate these materials, but it offers a much warmer underfoot! At the same time, the thickness of the tile adds a cushioned feel, which is much more comforting on your feet. What’s more, you can pair this with underfloor heating for those winter days.

Sound insulation

LVT is significantly quieter than tiles, wood and laminate. This is down to the thickness of the vinyl material softening the sound of your footing.


Not only is LVT easy to clean, but even in the (unlikely) event of serious damage, all you need to do is replace a single tile! This can save you plenty of money in the future as you won’t need to replace your entire floor due to one area of damage.


As mentioned numerous times, LVT is the perfect alternative to laminate flooring or natural materials as it replicates many kinds of wood or stone tiles. In fact, they are so well designed, you wouldn’t notice the difference!

There are so many benefits to LVT flooring, but these are our top 10. If you are ready to shop LVT for your home, get in touch with Floorbay today.