natural materials in the home

Bringing Natural Materials into your home

Bringing in the use of natural materials in the home can be done in numerous ways. Whether it be just a few touches here and there or a complete renovation, you can become one with nature without leaving your home. One place to start would be your flooring, as this creates a natural canvas for you to build upon.

Bringing Natural Materials into your home: Choosing style

And you will find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to natural flooring styles. If you were to choose vinyl flooring, you can imitate the material you desire without paying through the roof! But what style should you choose?

Deep, dark woods

If you would like to create a room packed with character, we suggest dark woods. Deep mahogany reds will provide your home with a sense of maturity, as well as depth and texture. Pair this with an art deco finish, mirrors and layered soft furnishings to keep a light atmosphere that you can then sink into when the day draws to a close.

Looking on the light side

If you’d like to keep things light and breezy, choose a Scandinavian style and embrace fresh, bright oaks. Pair with sands, winter whites, soft greens or lightly painted furniture to put a spring in your step! Cotton, linen and wool textures create a cosy atmosphere while still providing a breath of fresh air.

Pile on the wood

The appearance of vinyl wood flooring can quickly warm up any space, whether it be deep dark tones or sandy beach shades. Vinyl is a great option as you can recreate these styles without paying the high price of real wood.

If you are after a rustic farm style, add upcycled furniture such as dining tables, bookcases and dressers. Pair with bare brick for a truly cosy feel! Adding plants can also make a huge difference in creating a natural environment in your home. Big leafy greens such as Monstera plants are very much in fashion at the moment, so we highly recommend.

Find the perfect natural flooring style with Floorbay

If you would like to bring natural materials into your home, let Floorbay help. We are proud sellers of super stylish brands such as Luvanto or Karndean, all of which offer a wide range of authentic wooden flooring replicas to complete any home. Get in touch to find out more.