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The complete guide to Vinyl Flooring: Knowing your Options

Choosing a new floor for your home can be an exciting but stressful decision, especially because there are so many vinyl flooring options out there. If you have decided to make things easier for yourself with the help of luxury vinyl flooring, then it is important that you learn about your available options and how to correctly install them! With this in mind, we have the complete guide to vinyl flooring, starting with your product choices!

The complete guide to vinyl flooring: knowing your options

Whether it be wood, tile or stone, there are many flooring styles for you to choose from. Although many choose the real deal, vinyl flooring comes with many practical benefits that outweigh the likes of real wood or stone, from maintenance to affordability.

Choosing your colours

The first thing you may want to think about is how to colours you choose will fit into the design of your home. From light sandy shades to cool greys, you can find many flooring styles that will fit into your home renovation plans.


Stone vinyl looks just like the real thing and comes in a wonderful range of natural colours. Whether it be greys, blacks or tawny shades, you can be sure to find the perfect stone flooring for your home. Although it will come with a smoother finish than real stone, the visual replication will easily trick the eye!


You can’t go wrong with wood vinyl as it looks just like the real thing! With warm honey tones or deep oak effects, finding the perfect wood flooring style is easy when you choose vinyl.

Flooring types

Vinyl flooring comes in three layout types; tiles, planks or sheets. Read on to learn more about each style…


This flooring type comes in a range of sizes but is usually found as a simple square. The most popular size is 30 cm by 30 cm but there are other sizing groups available. You can also choose a rectangular shape, giving you additional layout options.


Similar to tile, planks are easy to manage and usually replicate hardwood flooring. This makes installation a doddle! Plank lines will add an interesting visual display to your floor. Installation is easy and can be done over a weekend.


Sheet flooring comes in a large roll that can be cut to fit, meaning you will have fewer seams and splits to worry about. However, the downside to this style is that it does not look as realistic as tiles or planks. This is why we highly recommend choosing the other two over this one. It does still come in a range of styles and finishes, but we don’t think it has the edge!

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