Karndean Click Vinyl Flooring

Karndean for Savings

Among the many options in Luxury Vinyl flooring, Karndean click vinyl flooring is a preferred option due to its high-quality suitability to fit any room at a satisfactory affordable price range against the bigger brands on the market.

Ease in Price, Ease in Placement

It’s no secret that Karndean vinyl flooring is a much cheaper option over the carpet, laminate or wood/stone featured flooring. With the individual pieces being very cheap to buy it does not leave you out of pocket. Also, consider savings on not requiring a professional to fit the flooring due to relative ease to be achieved as a DIY project.

Indeed, Karndean is a joy to work on installing as well as its finished look. Within hours it can be installed and within 2 days it can be secure enough to walk over.

Designs for the Ages

With Karndean you get beautiful detail in either wood or stone-styled effects, such as Da Vinci and Trapani, to give your room a standout identity from your fixtures and furniture. Even if you like to match your flooring to your furniture to have a complete look you will find a palette suitable to any household feel.

With easy maintenance as an extra benefit, you won’t be spending hours providing your floor with the desired look and feel.

Comfort in Look and Feeling

With the added durability and extra cushioned texture, Karndean vinyl flooring can withstand a lot more than other household flooring options for further peace of mind.

Indeed, for high traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, click vinyl flooring brings added protection for dropping of any plates or cups that would usually smash to pieces and not leave any lasting damage to the floor. Leaving every step as a smooth and soft experience means your home will look good, feel good and stay good.

To see more ranges within Karndean click vinyl flooring, contact Floorbay for your first choice in a finer home.