amtico luxury vinyl flooring

Amtico is the finer choice

Amtico luxury vinyl flooring is a leading brand for a reason, and it’s not just because it looks like the real thing. With meticulous design and care taken to ensure your floor looks and feels like real wood without the hassle, many recognise that the quality can highlight any room and fixture.

Patterns for Personality

The choices in laying patterns are one area that highlights the unique craftsmanship, so if you are a person who prefers to keep things straight or mix things up a little, Amtico offers you plenty of scope to bring a personality to your spaces.

If you cannot decide between a light or dark wood style throughout the Signature Woods range, why not take advantage of giving individual personalities to half rooms with different tones to suit. It’s your home so experiment with the right feel for all.

It’s in the Name

The signature collection is all in the name; Signature. That means putting YOUR signature on the choices available. Basically, it’s having it your way. If you feel your home needs a wood, stone or abstract feel then this is the right collection for you.

Among the current many popular designs within the Signature flooring collection, customers take great satisfaction of comfort underfoot and fantastic insulation no matter where their home is situated. So no matter if it’s White Washed Wood, Nomad Oak or Linseed – you get the very best in satisfaction and security with your Amtico flooring.

Safety Steps

Amtico brings a lifetime warranty to it’s flooring so whatever you encounter, you are safe in the knowledge that your floor will be covered, and not just by incredible design.

With its easy maintaining quality, you can be sure that keeping your Amtico floor clean is as simple as soapy warm water and a quick mop every week. If you have pets in the home, you also have the added security that a quick hoover can remove those animal hairs and no scratches will be present on your floor.

For the lowest price Amtico flooring, why not contact us at Floorbay for your peace of mind for a long-lasting floor.