lvt click flooring installation

Click LVT – an installation guide

LVT click flooring installation is quick and easy, which makes it an ideal choice for DIY renovations. But before you choose your flooring, here is a quick installation guide!

Before you install your Click LVT

●     Measure the room in square metres or square feet.

●     Prepare the subfloor by repairing any cracks or holes before laying your underlay and LVT

●     Think about the direction you wish to lay your planks to maximise the illusion of space

Fitting Your Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Now you know what to consider before you start, here’s how to install your click LVT.

●     Use a utility knife to cut the click system from one side of the plan to ensure planks on the first row fit against the wall.

●     Lay your planks from the left side of the starting wall, ensuring to use spacers between each side of each plank.

●     Click the next plant into the groove of the previous plank and use a roller to ensure a proper fit and repeat for the remaining planks in the row.

●     Cut the last plank to fit the rest of the space by scoring the surface with a utility knife and snap the tile at the scoring line.

●     Then start on the next row by clicking the first plank into place with the first plank from the first row.

●     Continue adding planks, working from left to right.

●     Remove the spacers when you’re done!

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