Top tips on getting your house ready for the autumn season!

The seasonal changes have already made their way into our homes! The days are shorter, the air is crisp, and the leaves are starting to transform into warming hues of reds and oranges. Now is the time to be changing your home to prepare for the colder season. From flooring and insulation to windows and gutters, there’s so much to be done before it gets too cold!


The first thing you should consider, if you haven’t already, is insulation. Ensure that any drafts and gaps are filled in to prevent heat from escaping. You should also consider insulating under your floors, which also gives you the perfect excuse to switch up your flooring if you fancy a change!

Check doors and windows

Speaking of drafts, it’s important to check all your windows and doors are properly sealed to ensure the cold from the outside doesn’t sneak its way in!

Inspect the roof and gutters

Keep an eye on your roof to see if any of the flooring tiles have been damaged and check for any leaves and debris. It’s better to fix these problems now as not only can the cold weather cause more cracks, but you will likely want to avoid this task when winter draws near!

Don’t forget to check your gutters too. They will likely need cleaning out, especially if your home is near plenty of greenery.

Clean for autumn

You shouldn’t save your deep cleaning until spring. In fact, each season should call for a new cleaning routine, one that will fit in perfectly with the affecting weather. Be sure to fully prepare your home for what’s to come, from deep cleaning to cosying up!

Clean the fireplace

Who doesn’t love lighting up the fire on a cold, dark evening? However, it’s important to give your fireplace a good clean before you use it again. Line it with newspaper and remove all loose ashes and dust, giving everything a thorough clean. It’s a boring task, but you and your flooring will be grateful later on.

Light a candle

Fill your home with wonderful scents to create a cosy setting. Whether it be a large chunky candle or dainty tea lights, there are plenty that will match your style!

Buy a rug

Vinyl flooring is truly a beautiful option for many homes. However, just like every flooring style, it comes with one or two drawbacks. During colder days, you will be grateful for flooring that is soft and cushions your feet. Although laminate is great for cleaning up after you have tracked in muddy footprints, a rug may be a perfect balance that will keep the home cosy.

Find the perfect flooring this autumn with Floorbay

As mentioned, each flooring type comes with drawbacks, but laminate is perfect for cold days as you can keep it clean and insulate it from underneath. To find the perfect flooring for your home this autumn, get in touch with Floorbay.