Karndean design ideas

Karndean Light Wooden Flooring for any Season

Are you looking for the perfect vinyl flooring that will suit your home throughout the entire year? We understand that sometimes the right flooring may not seem right when seasons change. Luckily, this is where Karndean design ideas come in. With numerous light wooden flooring styles available, you can be sure to find the perfect product here.

Light wooden flooring: Beach vibes

karndean design ideas

No matter the time of year, many Brits love a beach theme in their home, and you will certainly get that with Karndean design ideas. To keep things cosy throughout the winter months, you need the right flooring. This Coastal Sawn Oak is the perfect lightly coloured flooring that is the perfect balance of both warm and cool tones. This flooring welcomes sandy shades that work beautifully with any beach theme throughout the entire year.

Cosy cottage

karndean da vinci american oak

If you prefer to create a cosy cottage environment in your home, this American Oak is our top choice and a popular favourite amongst the many Karndean design ideas out there! The warmth of this wood can make any home look welcoming and inviting. And during the summer months, the colour complements the sunny glow that will fill your home throughout the day. If you’d like something softer, we also recommend the Natural Prime Oak.

Cool tones

If you would like to keep cool vibes throughout the year, Fabrica might be the best option. A neutral colour on wide planks that can open up any space, this flooring style compliments any winter home without drawing away from any sense of comfort.

For more detail, we suggest the Grey Limed Oak Parquet. The best thing about all parquet flooring is that it adds depth to the room. This means that even grey tones can provide warmth in the home. And during the summer, it can have the opposite effect, cooling down the room on a hot day.

Scandinavian style

For a Scandinavian effect, nothing is better than the Washed Scandi Pine Parquet. This style gives the impression of light, with white-washed tones on typical Northern Scandinavian Pine. There is beautiful texture in this flooring style that offers depth to suit the home all year round.

Find the perfect Karndean light wooden flooring with Floorbay

This is only a small selection of the many products available. But we think it’s enough to show you just how easily you can find the flooring that is perfect for your home, no matter the season. If you would like to see the entire Karndean available, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with Floorbay to learn more about our products.