trends in vinyl flooring

Floorbay’s top Flooring Trends for 2020

Looking for flooring inspiration this year? Check out Floorbay’s top vinyl flooring trends for 2020!

The future is vinyl

Vinyl has become increasingly popular over the last few years and there are many trends in vinyl flooring to choose from. It’s an incredibly popular choice for families and couples with pets due to its durability. This flooring style offers the appearance of real wood flooring and stone while being more affordable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant. This is why we are proud sellers of hundreds of brands, styles and ranges for all needs and budgets!

Black and White

Vintage has always been about warmth, nostalgia and memories. Today, however, black and white tiles are making a triumphant return! Think bold, graphic and stylish designs that offer a sense of luxury. More homeowners are taking this vintage style and upgrading it to meet their modern ideas. We have plenty of tiling options that you can mix and match to create your own luxurious floor!

Dark and cool-toned hardwoods

Dark wood flooring styles are getting more and more popular each day! It’s been a slow rise, but they have certainly reached a high point in popularity this year. Cool tones are usually preferred as we see fewer reds and browns in modern interiors.


Terrazzo is made up of stone fragments, crushed glass, shells and other organic materials that are embedded in concrete and polished until smooth. However, you can find many vinyl flooring styles with this effect without such a high price tag.


We have spoken in the past about the popularity of parquet, and it’s certainly not going anywhere this year. What’s so wonderful about parquet flooring is how versatile it is! No matter the pattern you would like to create, you can mix and match numerous styles to create something that is truly unique using the trends in vinyl flooring styles for 2020!

Wide plank

Wider planks are becoming easier to find with the number of vinyl flooring brands making products n this style. Homeowners and designers are choosing long, wide planks to create the impression of a larger space.

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