Vinyl floors and dogs

Dogs are part of the family, which means that when it comes to choosing flooring styles for your home, you must factor them in to ensure you make the best decision. Vinyl is often listed as the best flooring type for your pets, usually because it is easy to clean up and is quite resistant to scratching.

Why vinyl is good for dogs

Vinyl is designed to be scratch-resistant, making it perfect for those who have quite energetic pups. Many brands will often cater to dog owners, knowing that vinyl will be a go-to option for anyone with a pet.

Vinyl floors are layered, with the upper layers protecting the lower layers from damage. Many brands and vinyl flooring products will hold up quite well against a dog’s claws. However, you may want to look for the best quality options as the cheaper you go, the less resistant they will be.

How to pick a vinyl floor your dog will like

When choosing vinyl flooring for your dog, you should check that it has an embossed or textured finish. This is to allow your dog’s paws to gain more grip and avoid slipping when moving around the home. This is also important for those who may have sore limbs or struggle to walk due to age or injury.

Additional tips for dog owners

We all know that vinyl flooring is easy to work with when it comes to spills and stains, which means it will be equally good for any toilet accidents your pets may have. However, you will want to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent any lingering smells.

To keep vinyl flooring clean from things such as tracked mud, shedding, kibble, etc, you need a regular cleaning schedule. You will probably have one in place anyway, but for vinyl flooring, you need to sweep or vacuum every other day to prevent any build-ups. Always wipe up mud with a damp cloth, not a wet one. It would also be wise to place a mat beneath your dog’s food and water bowl to keep the area clean.

Final thoughts

If you are a dog owner, you will want a flooring option that is both functional and stylish. Vinyl flooring is a great option as they are easy to clean and come in numerous designs. Like every flooring option available, they can come with drawbacks, such as smooth surfaces being slippery for your four-legged friend. However, the pros certainly outweigh the cons of hardwood or carpet.

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