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gap between vinyl floor and baseboard

Taking Care of Those Vinyl Gaps

As luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is an incredibly durable and versatile product, it’s a perfect product for any room due to its seamless nature.

No matter if it’s the bathroom and kitchen all the way down to the hobby rooms and outside extensions, vinyl flooring is the flooring desire that is a firm favourite for families.

However, from time to time there are instances where a gap can occur between the tiles. It’s not a common problem but also not one that cannot be rectified with a few simple steps, putting your floor back to how it should be with no gap between vinyl floor and baseboard.

Step One

The first call to action is to ensure that the gap is cleaned of any debris and dirt it may have within it.

As you’ll be using a fuller shortly you want to ensure that its ability is not impacted and can be adhered to properly. You don’t need a fancy specialist cleaning item as a simple damp cloth is perfectly fine to use. Clean away all of the particle matter and then leave for a period of 24 hours.

Filling in Step Two

No matter if it is sheet vinyl flooring or tiles you will need to employ a specially designed caulk for floor use.

It will contain a component that allows for flexibility to a certain degree. The reason is that it will enable different sections to expand without cracking. Apply this caulk within the crack via the use of a putty knife if available. From there, wipe away any excess before it begins to harden.

If you have done it right then you will have no air pockets within the filled void and the bond will be firm.

Precautions for Step Three

Once the filler has been applied it is important to stress that you do not walk on the floor area for a total of 24 hours.

This is a precaution measure to ensure that the floor sets perfectly. You should also undertake a full surface mop and clean of the area with a detergent before any foot traffic steps onto space.

From this point, your floor should be perfectly back to how it should be. If the problem persists then contact a professional at Floorbay for further guidance as this solution works on everything from lowest price Amtico flooring to Polyflor, so we should be able to figure out the problem on further inspection.

For all your luxury wood effect vinyl flooring enquiries and questions, check out the solutions that Floorbay provide in care and comfort, with solutions to the gap between vinyl floor and baseboard. Get in touch today.


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