vinyl flooring protection

Protection for Vinyl Flooring

Many people love the prospect of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring but are unsure how to adequately care for it and what is needed to maintain it to its original look may require some research into vinyl flooring protection.

In order to keep the vinyl flooring in great shape, it simply takes some care measures that are not overly hard to keep on top of. Most of it is common sense and regular household products in order to keep it looking as good as day one moving forwards.

Furniture and Heels

When putting furniture into the room after laying the flooring down, it is recommended that any chair legs or other heavy appliances have large plastic caster cups instead of rubber heels.

Rubber is generally not a good substance to have on vinyl flooring which also relates to any mats you put down. If at any time you need to move furniture or tables etc around the room, be sure to place down something like a hardboard or carpet underneath so as to ensure it does not deeply affect the floor. Though vinyl is incredibly scratch resistant it can still suffer from heavy appliances or furniture with sharp feet or edges.

You should also take off any heels such as stilettos when walking across the floor.


Having a doormat at both the front and back of the house goes a long way to protecting the lowest price Amtico flooring whilst also providing a great reduction on your cleaning up.

Dirt can cause great damage to carpets or hardwood flooring but thanks to the easy-clean properties of vinyl it’s as simple as a quick brush and mop with warm soapy water. When using doormats, be sure that they are not rubber or latex backed. These have a tendency to sometimes discolour your flooring unless stated by the manufacturer that they are safe to cover it.

Safety and Cleaning

To get the best out of your cheapest Amtico flooring UK, be sure to mop up any spillages to the surface as soon as they happen.

Although vinyl is extremely water-resistant it can be vulnerable if a large puddle is left unattended for long periods of time. The same can be said with its anti-slip properties when it comes to spillages. The best way to keep cleaning to a minimum is to sweep up dirt and grit then regularly clean the floor with a damp mop with a floor cleaner that is suitable for the floor. Whatever you do, do not use scouring pads or strong detergents as they will damage your floor surface covering.

Ensure that your floor is dried before walking over it.

When it comes to keeping your floor stain-free and keeping its stain resistance, avoid getting any shoe polishes, hair dyes, wax crayons and highly coloured foods on the floor as some can leave permanent staining.

For more information on how to keep your luxury wood effect vinyl flooring healthy, contact the team at Floorbay for vinyl flooring protection.