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Find the ideal hallway flooring

Ah, the hallway. It’s the first area people see when they step into your home, yet the floor is something people often overlook. Sure, it’s where you place your feet as you make your way through to the rest of the house, but why must it blend in?

There are so many aspects of your hallway flooring to consider before you make any investment. From functionality to style, here are some things to think about to help you find the ideal hallway flooring!

Dirty footprints

The first thing to think about is how your hallway flooring should function. Many feet will make their way through this area, mostly enclosed in boots, heels, and other shoes. In fact, you may find a few muddy pawprints on a rainy day! Durability should be your first thought when it comes to the type of flooring for your hallway. However, this does not mean to say you must compromise on style! Floorbay offers a wide range of durable flooring designs that will complement any home design.

Ready for battle

As mentioned, there will be times where your hallway faces a lot of wear and tears. Scratches and stains can occur, which is why laminate or vinyl flooring are perfect choices for tackling such situations. Not only can they take on quite a bit of usage, but spills and splashed can be mopped up with ease.

Perfect for any style

As mentioned, a durable hallway floor does not need to be drab and designed only for a purpose. We are living in an age where aesthetic and functionality are consistently joined. Just take a look at our Luvanto range to see the many flooring styles they have to offer. And that’s only one of our many brands available at Floorbay!

So what are you waiting for?

With such a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring available at Floorbay, finding something that is perfect for your home has never been so easy. All of our products provide style, function and value, so you know you’ll be making the right choice by shopping with us. Get in touch to learn more about our products!