flooring samples

Using samples to choose your flooring

Your flooring is part of the foundation of your overall room design. This is why it is important to consider many elements when choosing the right style. Luckily, you can determine the style that works for you using flooring samples!

When you receive your samples, you can lay them out in your desired space to see which product has the best potential. Allow us to provide more advice to help you get the most from your flooring style choices.

Using samples to choose your flooring: Don’t rush!

Before you do anything, it is important to remember that finding your style isn’t an overnight job. Take your time with the samples and give yourself a few days to determine whether you like them or not. You can even take your flooring samples with you as you shop for paints and furnishings.

Start with lighting

Your lighting will have an impact on how your flooring will look. What you see on the website may not necessarily look the same in your home. By using samples, you can see what your desired flooring may appear to the naked eye. Lay your tiles down in the morning and make notes on how they look throughout the day. After all, as the light changes, so will the appearance in the room. Your chosen tile may look fresh in the morning, but it may not set the right mood in the evening!

Your curtains play a role

Another element to bear in mind is your curtains. Not only will they change the lighting in the room, but the colour will shine through to the floor, changing its style. With this in mind, you may want to test out your tiles beneath the curtains to see what the impact may be.

Consider your colour scheme

Though you may think you only need to pair up the colour of your walls with your flooring, there is more to it. Your flooring doesn’t line up with the walls but instead lines up with skirting and kickboards. These will likely be a different colour to the wall, so you must either consider adapting your boards to your flooring, or vice versa.

Adding furniture

When designing a new room, you may find yourself choosing the furniture at the same time as the colour scheme. If you’re not sure if the furniture you choose will pair well with your vinyl flooring options, take the samples with you while you shop! This will allow you to determine which styles pair well together and which of each style is a personal priority.

Are you ready to find the perfect flooring for your home?

If you have noticed a few flooring styles at Floorbay that you think might be perfect for your home, why not order some samples? Get in touch today.