Hallway Flooring

Hallway Flooring: The Best Options

Your hallway flooring are the first thing that you and any visitors see whenever the front door is opened. Naturally, that makes it one of the busiest areas of the house and requires flooring that is highly durable, yet stylish enough to provide a pleasant atmosphere upon entering every day.

To uncover which is the best flooring option for modern homes, you need to balance an impactful entrance with a hardwearing and practical element – whilst also not obliterating your budget in doing so.

The Property Style

As it is with any room design, it poses difficulty in choosing flooring for your hallway. The problem comes from the combination of the age and style of the home.

If you have a period home or a cottage, you will naturally want to preserve the look with a more traditional sense of flooring. You will no doubt limit your options to rich woods, and oaks – possibly a patterned floor fit for a Victorian property. If your home is an apartment or a modern home that you look to renovate, you will typically head toward lighter woods, grey tones or brighter patterns.

The one element you will want to consider upfront is the size of your hallway. If it is on a smaller scale, you will want it lighter to open the space more.

Practical Thinking

At Floorbay, we put practicality above everything else when it comes to our client’s needs. That practical touch always directs our customers towards luxury vinyl floorings such as Quick-Step vinyl flooring or Invictus.

When it comes to keeping floors clean, minimising any damage or getting the desired look from a floor at a smaller cost, vinyl flooring will tick every box. Price and convenience are always going to be at the front of all decisions a customer makes – and manufacturers of vinyl flooring understand that too.

A Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring tile or plank is quicker to install than a hardwood or stone floor. For a smaller space such as a hallway, those with tighter budgets will quickly appreciate the final product and ease their cash.

Patterns and Straights

As you may have noticed, patterned floors have grown in popularity over the last decade – and nowhere is this more apparent than in hallways.

Traditional parquet flooring designs are continuing to be all the rage for adding additional character to an otherwise traffic-centric room of the home. Parquet offers a fabulous-looking floor that does not succumb to the heavy activity of everyday life, being cushioned and highly durable – yet simple to clean with a quick mop or sweep with a brush. We see a lot of interest in hallways that provide immediate impact with a dose of grandeur. What is great about luxury vinyl tile is that it is family and pet-friendly, water underfoot and the perfect cover for a planned underfloor heating system.

If your hallway is ready to receive a new hallway flooring, the team at Floorbay are ready to help guide you through your options. Contact our friendly team today.